Testimonial: Credit & Money Management Workshop

Workshop facilitated by LaSheryl Askew. KeVonte Askew writes: Attending the money management and credit workshop was very beneficial. Being a college student and now managing my own money, the tools I received at the workshop have been very useful. After receiving the news my mother was getting a new job with Operation HOPE I immediately started to do my research and was so enlightened and eager to be apart of this...

Testimonial About Emelina Martinez

Emelina Martinez is a valuable asset to Operation HOPE as well as the Cyber Cafe clients. She has demonstrated a high level of customer service by assisting me with my resume, career planning and resources. She has a pleasant disposition and is willing to help others.

Stories of HOPE: Bringing Back the “Ownership” in Homeowners

Dear Operation HOPE: You listened. And as a result, I was educated on my mortgage. I was given a window of possibilities, a renewed hope in keeping my home. Signing up with Operation HOPE has been one of the most awesome decisions I have made in my life

Stories of HOPE: Signed and Delivered! Client Thanks Erik Pelayo for Loan Modification

Dear Erik: I just signed and mailed my new loan modification papers to Chase and for the first time in four years, I can breathe a sigh of relief.  None of this would have been possible without you and Operation HOPE. You have been so wonderful to work with: knowledgeable, supportive, encouraging and kind.  I came to rely on your information and expertise in helping me to make the right decisions and you were...

Stories of HOPE: A Two Year Battle Conquered in Six Months Thanks to Erik Pelayo

Dear Operation HOPE; I am very grateful for the help of Erik Pelayo, who works for Operation Hope. I have been trying to get my loan modified by dealing with my bank by myself for almost 2 years. They would give me the run around and different people in the bank would give me different information. It was a very stressful time in my life trying to communicate with overseas bankers. I am impressed how clear and...

Jade Raymond Knows it All – A Live Testament to the Importance of Computer Classes

No one knows the Los Angeles Cyber Cafe members better than Customer Service Adviser Jade Raymond does. She greets each one by name, asks about their grandkids, and provides personal assistance on using the computers.   Above all, Jade Raymond understands the importance of HOPE’s latest initiative to provide digital empowerment for communities both at home and abroad. As she began to notice that many of the...

Stories of HOPE Live!: Yvonne Cooper Shares Her Story of Entrepreneurship

Ms. Yvonne Cooper, a graduate of the NY Financial Dignity Center's Entrepreneurial Training Program, discusses the various ways she has been helped by the Center in her own video testimonial of the New York HOPE Center, Ms. Cooper recently became certified in child care, and owns and operates a child care business out of her home.

Erik Pelayo, a True HOPE Hero

It’s been a busy summer for HOPE Counselor Erik Pelayo, who’s been saving homes left and right for countless HOPE clients. We’ve received two new testimonials to add to the growing stack of compliments and thanks for the hero of homeownership. Operation Hope, This Letter is regarding your services to modify our home loan, after many banks were not willing to assist us. Erik Pelayo played a big...

Stories of HOPE: More Love for HOPE Counselor Erik Pelayo

  After struggling for more than two years in trying to modify our home loan, we were finally able to achieve a permanent modification thanks to Operation Hope in Poway, CA. The care and attention that was provided to us went unrivaled compared to our previous attempts to resolve our situation. Specifically, our counselor, Erik Pelayo, was very attentive, knowledgeable and gave us all the information needed to...

Ask a HOPE Counselor! Lilian Phung Shares Tips and Stories about Financial Empowerment

We've asked the experts here at HOPE to share their advice and stories from their counseling experiences. This time, we've asked HOPE Counselor Lilian Phung about the best tools for money management and what it's like to work in another language.

Stories of HOPE: Client Shares Gratitude for His HOPE Counselor Erik Pelayo

A touching letter of thanks to HOPE Counselor Erik Pelayo

HOPE Intern Shares Story of Love

Every minute I spent in Cape Town was worthwhile, but the biggest lesson I learned this summer came from the interactions I had with the people around me. Everyone I met was accepting, friendly, and seemed to genuinely care about me, even if it was our first meeting. That feeling of love is worth more than anything else in the world, and by spreading that love with a hug or smile, I learned you can make quite the difference in a person’s life.

Los Angeles Event Honors the Past and the Future of Financial Empowerment

Over the last year, the HOPE Center has helped clients make dramatic transformations in their financial and personal lives, helping raise credit scores, modify loans, and prevent foreclosures. Friends joined at the La Brea HOPE Center to celebrate the HOPE community and its successful work promoting the dignity and dreams of clients.

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