All Faith Financial Freedom Fair in Oakland Saturday, 3/28!

By Rebecca Blanco Operation HOPE and East Bay Church of Religious Science would love to welcome you to a health and wealth event in Oakland this Saturday, March 28th from 8 am – 2 pm. Everyone is welcome! Learn from an esteemed panel of experts on how to overcome financial fear and gain financial freedom. It’s time to increase your wealth and mental health! You will gain a wealth of inside tips &...

Oakland Cyber Cafe Member Elsa Gutierrez Shows Her Appreciation

My Name is Elsa Gutierrez and I am a Hispanic descent and have been in Small Business for the past 16 years. I fell into a crisis in my life that Operation HOPE has given me back a foundation to bounce back on with the services they provide and hospitality. Operations HOPE they have me maintain my hopes and giving me friendly support has been the key to me moving forward. I really appreciate you guys, I really, really do.

Operation HOPE DC Participated in the First Largo Town Center International Festival

On July 12 and 13, the DC hope family participated in the first Largo Town Center International Festival, which featured a number of financial education vendors. The concept of this event was to provide a family friendly environment which would entice individuals to get questions answered about their home mortgage, college saving for kids, retirement saving and credit repair.

The Middle East Secret Weapon: Women (Here Too)

  Women are actually a global secret weapon, and not just because without women, there would be less men. I genuinely believe that women —- empowered women in particular — can be a game changer for a generation in any nation. Given my work in the Middle East region, I am particularly interested in the future impact of women empowermentthere.  My friend Quincy Jonessays it takes 20 years to change a culture....

HOPE Workshop Empowers New York’s Budding Entrepreneurs

By Stephanie Penceal, Small Business Program Manager, HOPE Financial Dignity Center NY Twenty six aspiring entrepreneurs attended HOPE Financial Dignity Center New York‘s Small Business Workshop on July 9th. Students worked with Stephanie Penceal, Small Business Program Manager, covered the essentials of starting a business including: determining proper business entity, writing a business plan, and accessing...

Free NY Course Boosts Entrepreneurs

By Stephanie Penceal, Small Business Program Manager HOPE Financial Dignity Center New York’s Free Small Business Incubator takes place on the last Saturday of the month. Business owners can utilize office space, computers, wi-fi and faxing services, as well as receive technical assistance.  In this photo, Stephanie Penceal, the new Small Business Program Manager, meets with a business owner to discuss plans to...

Micro-Lending Making Small Business Dreams a Reality: HOPE Center D.C. Client Leroy Jackson Featured on Kiva Zip

Starting a business in the current economy can seem like an unachievable dream. But Leroy Jackson has already shown that he can beat the odds. Now, with the help of Operation HOPE's Small Business Empowerment Program and the new Kiva Zip program, Leroy is turning his dreams into action and raising funds to start his own accounting and tax preparation business, The Jackson Group, LLC.

DC HOPE Center Enjoys Soaring Attendance and Program Growth

With new employees, growing participation rates, and budding excitement for workshops and programming, the DC HOPE Community is growing in numbers and enthusiasm.

HOPE New York Market CEO Mary Hagerty Ehrsam Discusses Entrepreneurship for African Youth

Chief Executive Officer Mary Hagerty Ehrsam speaks at the U.S. Department of State and Meridian International Center Young African Leaders Innovation Summit in Washington D.C.

Art Teacher Learns Small Business Skills from New Orleans HOPE Center

Ms. Helena Hayes Thomas is one savvy 70+-year-old.  For thirty-five years, Ms. Thomas has been writing and painting to teach others, and she’s preparing to publish her third book. She’s created over 100 pieces of hand-crafted artwork, portraying Biblical themes like the Ten Commandments, and even copywriting some of her designs. With Operation HOPE’s technical assistance, she’s developed a...

New York HOPE Center Helps Playwright Achieve Dreams

Mr. Nickolas Long III, playwrite and director for his own theatre company, Josiah Theatre Works, LLC, discusses how the NY HOPE Center has helped him and his business in various ways, such as hosting auditions for his upcoming shows in the conference room, printing fliers and discount coupons for his shows in the Cyber Cafe, and talking to Christina Barrett for business advice.

Reflections from an Intern: Atlanta’s Entrepreneur Training Program Graduation

On Tuesday, April 10, 2012, Operation HOPE celebrated the thirty-two graduating students of the 2012 Entrepreneurial Training Class. Friends and family gathered at the Atlanta Life building to partake in the graduation ceremony of the first class in Operation HOPE’s history in which 100% of the students completed the course.

An Update from the Oakland HOPE Center’s Entrepreneurial Training Program

There are three weeks remaining for the Winter Class 2012 Entrepreneur Training Program participants to begin preparing for their final business presentation and graduation.

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