Students Learn Importance of Financial Literacy at Congressional Black Caucus Event

The Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, Emanuel Cleaver, last week discussed the importance of Financial Literary, Leadership and Entrepreneurship with local high school students during the 2011 Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) in Washington DC.

Realizing Your Dreams at the La Brea HOPE Center

Operation HOPE's Global Director of Field Operations Kevin Fleming shares an encounter he had at the La Brea HOPE Center, where he witnessed a HOPE Center Small Business Graduate teaching someone how to develop a website using a computer at the center's Cyber Cafe.

HOPE Center New Orleans Continues to Empower in Louisiana

In August, Operation HOPE New Orleans provided 90 one-on-one coaching sessions. Specifically, the office produced 14 business plans, 2 marketing strategies, 2 financial projections, 42 strategic coaching sessions and 32 BP Claims assistance sessions.

New York Times Cover Story Features Operation HOPE

The New York Times published a front-page story in its business section on Wednesday featuring Operation HOPE and exploring the growing financial challenges facing US non-profits that depend on donations from Wall Street.

HOPE Founder Provides Perspective in BET Story on Atlanta’s Unemployment

Atlanta. It’s the hometown of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and a stomping ground of the civil rights movement. When opportunities were not readily available for Blacks, outlets such as Dr. King’s alma mater Morehouse College allowed African-Americans to receive a quality education to help make opportunities for themselves.

HOPE & Financial Beginnings Provide Entrepreneurship Training to Portland Youth

Tree trimming, clothing lines and record labels are all examples of entrepreneurial ventures. But these are not simply dreams in the sky for some Portland youth. These are but a few examples of the businesses that our 17-20 year old students have already started on their own accord.

Determined, Confident & Corrageous: Reflections on our Entrepreneurship Program at the DC HOPE Center

Today, one of our Mid-Atlantic Board members, Ted Carter, sent us some encouraging reflections from the DC HOPE Center's recent small business program graduation and the determined individuals who completed the 12-week training.

DC HOPE Center’s Small Business Empowerment Program Inspires a New Class of Graduates

The greatest lie ever told is that we are all different from one another. Just ask any one of the recent graduates from the Washington DC HOPE Financial Literacy Empowerment Center's 12 week Entrepreneurship program.

A Snapshot of Operation HOPE in New Orleans

Operation HOPE has been active in the Greater New Orleans area since Hurricane Katrina, with the Louisiana office having assisted more than 150,000 individuals and small businesses with small business coaching, homeowners’ recovery services, personal finance counseling, and BP claims applications. We also continue to provide economic empowerment to the underserved communities of New Orleans, primarily working...

Entrepreneurs Learn the Art of Blogging

I’d like to believe that Wednesday nights between 6-8 p.m. at the DC HOPE Center is the most exciting place on the planet and if you are not there, well you are just missing out on something special.

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