Ama Yates – My First Two Weeks at HOPE

During my last semester as a senior at Spelman, I was pursuing post grad opportunities with all sorts of organizations such as banks, research institutes and fellowships. My overall goal was to work for either a foundation or non-profit organization dealing with community development, food insecurity or economic empowerment.

Meet Leon Wang, Intern at Operation HOPE, Denver

I am Leon Wang and I grew up in Beijing, China and finished my undergraduate degree in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. I love my home country in different aspects, including its 5,000 plus years of history, diversified culture—such as ceramics, religion, architecture, and cuisine—and the rapid development of the economy. Also, China has lots of places with historical interest, such as The Great Wall, the Terra Cotta Warriors, the Summer Palace, and the Forbidden City. If you want to travel to China, I can be your guide.

Jhamasa Lewis – Carrying Out HOPE’s Mission with Banking on Our Future

My week as a fashion design student and fellow at Operation HOPE started off intense as usual, but surprisingly it ended with a rewarding calmness. On October 3, 2014 I taught my very first Banking On Our Future session with Mike Sokolowski. For two weeks I prepared activities and a lesson plan geared on how I would execute teaching my peers about financial empowerment and dignity. My plan was to connect realistically with the intention of relieving frustration concerning financial literacy. When I arrived to the class I was excited to get started!

My First Week at Operation HOPE: The Financial Freedom Fair

I was honored to attend the HOPE Financial Freedom Fair during my first week as a HOPE Fellow. The fair took place in Compton, CA at El Camino College Compton Center. The event attracted much participation from Compton residents and it provided a plethora of tools to promote financial freedom. Several partners and dynamic speakers attended the event.

Casey McQuillan: Learning to look at the forest and the tree

This summer, in my various roles with Operation HOPE, I learned to see both the forest and the tree; a combined focus on the local with an understanding of the whole to create a more holistic approach to financial dignity.

Operation HOPE Oakland Video Production Intern Valeria Diaz

As an entering high school senior, Valeria Diaz knew she wanted to do something important with her summer. She attends East Bay Arts High School where she took Video Production and was trained in Adobe Premiere her junior year. Halfway through the class she knew she was in love and started working on personal video projects with her friends after class. But Valeria is also interested in business, with aspirations to run her own video production company one day.

Operation HOPE Oakland brings on HBIABA Fellow Rebecca Blanco

Considering my background in fashion public relations and marketing, my move into a HOPE Business-In-A-Box Academy fellowship might seem a bit disjointed. However, it serves to bridge two of my greatest passions: business and community service.

Operation HOPE participates in Leadership Development Breakfast for Occidental College

I had the opportunity to go to Occidental College today to attend a Leadership Development Breakfast in support of our HOPE Inside Fellow, Anne Novack, who is currently working on developing the online certification course for HOPE Inside Plus as part of her fellowship.

Operation HOPE Welcomes Hannah Cho HOPE Business In A Box Academies/ Casey Family Programs Fellow

  By Hannah Cho, HOPE Business In A Box Academies/ Casey Family Programs Fellow My journey as the 2014 HOPE Business in a Box Academy/Casey Family Programs Fellow began by becoming instantly immersed in HOPE operations. Unlike other jobs, there was no gradual wade into the water. Instead, I had to dive right in and take on planning and carrying out HOPE Business in a Box Academies (HBIABA) and other HOPE youth...

Being Part of Operation HOPE

So many programs, so many doors, so many faces, and above all, so many brand new opportunities here at Operation HOPE. I am mesmerized by the amount of people who are part of this organization, but more impressed by the amount of knowledge I have already gained in my first week as a Fellow.

March Fellow of the Month: Natasha Eldridge

After working on a fashion line that ensured sustainability and fair trade practices and several nonprofits, Natasha knew her purpose was to help others. Having recently received her MBA from Simmons College in Boston, MA, she attended the 2012 HOPE Financial Dignity Summit and began volunteering immediately at HOPE Inside Ebenezer.

February Fellow of the Month: Hannah McFadden

It was on her way driving to Colorado that Hannah McFadden got the call offering her the position of HOPE Fellow. After two years in North Carolina working as a research assistant, Hannah had gotten her ‘itchy pants’ and decided it was time to head for the hills (literally).

FILE Welcomes New Cohort & Stays Busy In First Quarter

It’s been an exciting first quarter for the Fellows, Interns and Loaned Executive (FILE) program! We’ve welcomed a new cohort of Fellows and Interns into the HOPE family and attended some special events.

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