Stories of HOPE: Brian Scrip

Brian Scrip is not a superstar. At least, not according to him. “I am just a person who is lucky enough to be able to teach financial literacy to kids and help Operation HOPE,” he says. It’s a win-win scenario for Brian.

Operation HOPE Inspires Economic Empowerment at Santa Teresa Elementary School

The students of Santa Teresa Elementary School in San Jose, Ca. got to enjoy a break from their regular class schedule to celebrate Martin Luther King's birthday and legacy with a visit from HOPE Founder, Chairman and CEO John Hope Bryant.

Reflections on Financial Education from a HOPE Center Financial Consultant

On Thursday, December 13, I had the pleasure of attending a meeting of the HAPPI Program, an outreach program for young adults preparing to go to college. There were 20 organizations in attendance to inform the students about different professional fields so that the students could make choices about what they would like to study in college.

Partnerships and Presents for the Holidays

The Harlem Financial Dignity Center had the pleasure of receiving a Christmas Tree from the group Hugs for Harlem, an organization that provides positive and uplifting activities for youth in the Harlem area. Mike Green, the founder and CEO of Hugs for Harlem, is a frequent regular of the HOPE Financial Dignity Center New York Cyber Café as well as our computer classes. During his time spent at the HOPE...

NBC Gives A Voice to Education with ‘Education Nation’

This September, NBC will highlight the opinions and dilemmas of teachers its third annual televised town hall "Education Nation," a platform for open discussion and a collective push to optimize the classroom experiences of American youth. News anchor Brian Williams will interview teachers from across the nation to highlight the need for new policies during this pertinent lead-up to the 2012 Presidential Election.

Operation HOPE Rocks Out at the CBGB Festival

Operation HOPE has interacted will all sorts of folks in its years advocating silver rights. From young children to aspiring entrepreneurs, everyone has the right to learn financial management. But what about punk rockers?

Banking on Our Future for Beginners Part II: Defining Dignity

BOOF For Beginners Part II: Defining Dignity Read Part One The word dignity is an elusive term – something difficult for adults to understand let alone children. Yet Operation HOPE stresses dignity as a fundamental aspect of our Banking on Our Future youth curriculum. Ann and I braced ourselves. As young adults, we’re still learning the definition of dignity with every step we take. When we returned to...

Operation HOPE Announces Special Youth Opportunity Commitment Tied to Gallup-HOPE Index Cities Initiative

Inspired by President Barack Obama's call to leading private sector and community-based organizations to act now, helping to create youth business internships, jobs and opportunity, Operation HOPE stepped forward and made a unique commitment to actually operationalize the Gallup-HOPE Index Cities Initiative, which is built around our recently launched Gallup-HOPE Index National Poll.

Operation HOPE: The Global Leader for Financial Dignity

Operation HOPE is America's leading provider of economic tools and services to traditionally under-served communities helping individuals and families develop the skills needed to achieve financial stability.

Operation HOPE and the Financial Services Roundtable Announce Financial Education Roadmap

Operation HOPE and The Financial Services Roundtable announced on July 20 the Financial Education Resource Roadmap. The Roadmap demonstrates that every K-12 school throughout the U.S. can have access to free financial education curriculums. The Roadmap consists of 36 comprehensive curriculums of which: 22 curriculums can be completed online; and 6 curriculums provide free volunteer tutors. In addition, the...

Steve Harvey Mentoring Weekend Banks on Operation HOPE

Life changing. . . Probably the simplest way I can express my view of actor, comedian, radio show and Family Feud host, Steve Harvey’s 2011 Annual Mentoring Weekend for Young Men.

A Volunteer from Citi South Africa Shares Her Experience of Dignity and Hope

Earlier last month, one of our volunteers from Citi South Africa sent us a letter expressing how she felt after teaching a session of our Banking on Our Future curriculum to students in South Africa's Alex highschool. Check out her testimonial below:

Capital One Volunteers Teach Finance Basics to 417 Junior High Students in Maryland

Earlier in May, many talented and dedicated volunteers from Capital One returned to Benjamin Stoddert Middle School in Temple Hills, Maryland to teach the Banking on Our Future curriculum to 417 students in the 7th and 8th grades, eager to understand the language of money.

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