Banking On Our Future with East West Bank

By James Chen On March 12, 2015, East West Bank and Operation HOPE collaborated once again to reach out into the community by teaching financial literacy to over 250 students at Dewey Elementary in San Gabriel, California.     Under the leadership of East West Bank’s Dorothy Chan, Vice President, Manager of Community Development, and Sam Kim, CRA Analyst, they recruited 19 of their colleagues to teach students...

Operation HOPE Celebrates Global Money Week

This month, to celebrate Global Money Week (GMW), Operation HOPE provided Banking on Our Future sessions for 3rd grade students at Brown, 5th graders at Pine Ridge Elementary, Stone Mountain, GA and for the kids at John Marshall Elementary and Lamberton Middle School in Philadelphia, PA. Some 3 million children and youth participants from more than 100 countries and 490 participating organizations joined in the activities March 9 -14, 2015.

HOPE Spotlight: James Chen

Los Angeles & Orange County Program Manager for Youth Empowerment Programs at Operation HOPE James Chen was honored by The California Teachers Association Service Center One Community Council Outreach Action Team on March 18. James was recognized for his ongoing support and dedication to the students and teachers at Rio Hondo Elementary School in the Arcadia area.

Operation HOPE Goes to Pine Ridge Elementary for Global Money Week

The fifth graders of Pine Ridge Elementary School in Stone Mountain, Georgia have Global Money Week on the brain and "in the bank!" In this Banking on Our Future session, led by the AWESOME Mr. Rashid Rashad of mentor organization "A Titus Man," the students were engaged and responsive as they explained the 'do's' and 'don't's" of credit! Go PANTHERS!

Operation HOPE Partners with the Philadelphia City Controller’s Office to Teach Banking on Our Future

As part of the Philadelphia City Controller’s Youth Mentor Program, the Controller’s Office partnered with Operation HOPE to provide financial education within the classroom.

HOPE Denver Continues Global Money Week Sessions Through March

We are providing Banking on Our Future classes at Brown every Friday in March to 93 students in the 3rd grade. Getting them started early!

HOPE Participates in Global Money Week 2015

Operation HOPE is proud to partner with Child & Youth Finance International (CYFI) for Global Money Week. Global Money Week engages children worldwide in learning how money works, including saving, creating livelihoods, gaining employment and entrepreneurship. Operation HOPE’s President of Global Youth Empowerment, Mary Ehrsam, serves on the board for CYFI. This week, over 2,600 students across the US will...

Capital One Bank Invests in the Future through Financial Empowerment

On Wednesday, February 25, 2015, 14 volunteers from Capital One Bank partnered with Banking on Our Future- Washington DC for the third annual financial empowerment day at Gaithersburg Elementary School. The volunteers and 131 students were engaged and enjoyed a day of learning.

Journey to HOPE

Working my way through college at a local bank and pursing a degree in finance I soon realized that my passion was not to just help people with their finances but rather educate and empower people in terms of personal finances. While working at the bank I joined the volunteer committee to become more involved in my community.

HOPE Banking on Our Future – Three Middle Schools, Three Days!

With barely a month under my belt with Operation HOPE, I had the tremendous pleasure of coordinating, facilitating and instructing my first BOOF events! The first was at Paul D. West Middle School where we exposed 300 seventh graders to the “language of money!” My volunteers were there in full force from local Atlanta sorority chapters, colleges and financial partners. The very next day I was fully immersed in the curriculum by teaching BOOF to MD Roberts Middle and Babb Middle School. I had as much fun as the kids watching them make money connections and playing BOOF Jeopardy! The letter below was received immediately from our school contact. Best second month of work ever!

3rd Time’s a Charm in Charm City

Banking on Our Future Baltimore partnered with Johns Hopkins Carey Business School Net Impact group to financially empower the students at Henderson-Hopkins - A John Hopkins Partnership School. For the 3rd consecutive year, 24 Net Impact volunteers enthusiastically shared their experience and knowledge with the students at Henderson-Hopkins.

HOPE Business in a Box Announces Winners from Latino College Preparatory Academy

By Rebecca Blanco Monday, December 15th Latino College Preparatory Academy students pitched their business ideas to a panel of business professionals for a chance to work with a business mentor and potentially fund their ideas for up to $500.00. This program was funded by Silicon Valley Bank, who sent two representatives to judge the pitch competition: Amy Lopez, a Fair Lending Officer and Danielle Garcia, a Relationship Advisor. We also had Curtis Coleman of the United States Army and Emily Gause, The District Sales Manager of Northern California of Chrysler rounding out the table.

HOPE Fellow Aubrey Reif’s Highlights of the Year

"As a fairly new member of the Operation HOPE family, my highlight for the year occurred during my first month of action in October. It happened when I saw the excitement on youth's faces as they participated in our BOOF program. Additionally, a valuable highlight was the lessons that I learned about coordinating successful programs with our partners."

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