Banking on Our Future, D.C. gets 7th Grade Class Financially Fit

On Tuesday April 04, 2014, Banking on Our Future, D.C. presented the first of many Financial Literacy days to the students of Roberto Clemente Middle School in Germantown, Maryland. With the help of 25 volunteers from FINRA, Industrial Bank, Sandy Spring Bank, Wells Fargo Bank and our own HOPE Corps, 375 seventh grade students were provided with essential knowledge about basics of budgeting, banking, and credit and were introduced to saving and investing.

Stories of HOPE: Robin Haynes

A Baltimore, Maryland native, Robin Haynes understands the growing needs for basic financial literacy to be taught in a way that can be understood by everyone. As a result of her Bachelors of Science degree in Accounting from Morgan State University, and having worked in the financial industry for over a decade, Robin has a passion for helping others succeed financially not only by teaching the basics of finance, but also by making sure that there is a thorough understanding of financial concepts and how they are applied to daily life. With this passion in mind, Robin’s first published project, entitled “The Fundamentals of Finances – Applied to Everyday Living,” was designed to help readers navigate the complicated, and sometimes frightening, world of finances. Currently, she is preparing to obtain her Certified Financial Planning Certificate.

Stories of HOPE: Dorothy Watson

Dorothy Watson truly believes in the service of others through time, talent and resources. As a child, she learned first-hand, through the example of her parents, to invest in her community. “I grew up understanding that it was always a worthwhile endeavor to help people in need however and whenever possible…For me, it is quite natural to volunteer my time and resources with local organizations and through my church,” she says. And, as mother to five children and grandmother to two grandchildren, Dorothy also understands how to invest in her own personal community.

Women of HOPE: Market Leader, Mary Hagerty Ehrsam

“Everyday choose balance. Balance does not come knocking on your door and you need to embrace and sustain it. You can still work 16-hours a day so make sure the 17th hour is for you and the 18th hour is for all that you love.” ——- Mary Hagerty Ehrsam, President of Youth Empowerment Group and Chief Executive Officer of the New York Market for Operation HOPE, Inc.   Mary’s Words of...

HOPE and Comerica Bank Partner to Teach Banking on Our Future

Article by James Chen, Program Manager, Los Angeles It all started one afternoon Oct. 1, 2013 where I had the honor of meeting Armin Rashti, branch manager for Comerica Bank. I still recall that day because Armin was one of the first volunteers for HOPE that I had met one month into my position at HOPE. My first impressions of Armin were his ability to think on his feet, be personable with the audience and...

Stories of HOPE: Hazel Love

For Hazel Love, life happens in the most unexpected ways. Beginning with the death of a child in October of 2009, closely followed by a long fought divorce in November, Hazel found herself unemployed after fifteen years of working in mid-level customer service management. Pushing through the pain of a broken heart, she graduated in November of 2010 with an undergraduate degree in Economics from California State University. However, with no job opportunities and the still sore remnants of her past lingering, Hazel decided to move to Baltimore, Maryland in the spring of 2011, determined to search for fresh perspective.

Stories of HOPE: Anis Salah

Anis Salah grew up in American Canyon, CA in a single parent home with four siblings. After high school, he attended St. Mary’s College, where he majored in Finance. Anis enjoyed his college years tremendously and graduated Cum Laude. After college, he joined the finance industry, where he has remained to this day. His current position at First Republic Bank is one of dedication and growth. He started out as a temp for a specific project and, after performing his job well, was hired when a new team was created in Quality Assurance.

Stories of HOPE: Cynthia Adamson

Cynthia Adamson wanted to be a teacher. However, after receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a minor in elementary education and a teaching license from Metro State, Cynthia was unsure of where her passions lay and what she wanted to teach. So, she took a job as a teller at US Bank to buy herself some time to figure out what she wanted to do. Despite her early reservations, banking proved itself to be much more enjoyable than Cynthia had previously thought. Ten years later, Cynthia is still banking and loving it.

Banking on Our Future College Edition Visits Brooklyn College in Honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service

By Omari Pearson, National Program Manager, Banking on Our Future College Edition Building off an amazing 2013 Banking On Our Future College Edition had its first activity of 2014 at Brooklyn College serving The Brooklyn College Bound program that allows admission opportunities to GED students.  The session on January 13 also allowed BOOF College the opportunity to serve the community in honor of Martin...

Stories of HOPE: Brian Scrip

Brian Scrip is not a superstar. At least, not according to him. “I am just a person who is lucky enough to be able to teach financial literacy to kids and help Operation HOPE,” he says. It’s a win-win scenario for Brian.

East West Bank & Roosevelt Elementary School

By: James Chen, Program Manager Wednesday, December 11, 2013 was another great day in Southern California, especially for the students at Roosevelt Elementary School in Pasadena, California.  East West Bank (EWB) has been a perennial supporter and partner, providing both substantial monetary assistance, along with encouraging all bank staff to teach financial literacy in the classrooms. So one may ask: how did the...

Booming Business at West Career Academy

Young entrepreneurs at West Career Academy in Denver showcased yet another round of creative business ideas this Thursday during their HOPE Business in a Box pitch event. With the support of HOPE volunteer Cindy Butts, classroom teacher Sean Flikke, and pitch judges Greg Thompson and Adam Rentschler, the event turned out three winning groups.

Cathay Bank & Benito Juarez Elementary School

Cathay Bank has partnered with Operation HOPE for many years now to educate youth about financial literacy in both Los Angeles and Orange County. On Tuesday, October 29, 2013, Cathay Bank and Operation HOPE joined together once again and set out to Benito Juarez Elementary in Anaheim, CA.

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