By Krystian Palmero, HOPE Corps Fellow

Having worked in the financial services industry for several years, Marisa Hayward was looking for an avenue that would bring her work experience, and her passion for volunteering and helping others together. Previously, Marisa has volunteered with many organizations, including the Epilepsy Foundation and several organizations that help homeless individuals through teaching and shared knowledge. When she stumbled upon one of John Hope Bryant’s (Founder, Chairman and CEO of Operation HOPE) LinkedIn pieces, she became deeply inspired to service her community through her knowledge of finances.

The Journey. Marisa wanted to get involved and help as many people as she could, as soon as possible. She reached out to a HOPE Financial Coach at her nearest HOPE Inside location, Millie Agosto, to begin shadowing Millie, and learning from her sessions. It wasn’t long before Marisa began helping out with the events. Marisa felt overwhelmingly inspired by the stories and enthusiasm of all the participants. After providing assistance during a workshop for single women coming from low-income backgrounds, Marisa was speechless. Never before had she experienced the joy of changing someone’s life through financial literacy.

The Outcome. During her short time working with Operation HOPE, Marisa learned how knowledge and education can truly affect the direction of someone’s life. That’s why Operation HOPE is helping individuals and families reach their goals through financial literacy. Marisa is thrilled to become more involved with HOPE Inside SunTrust in Tampa, Florida and they’re happy to have her help! As Operation HOPE’s nationwide network of volunteers, HOPE Corps is dedicated to promoting financial self-sufficiency and empowerment in the communities where it’s needed most. We’re always looking for compassionate, dedicated people to serve at the vanguard of our movement for financial literacy and economic justice.

Join the movement! You don’t need a background in finance or teaching. All you need is passion, enthusiasm and some time to spare. Make a difference and be a hero in your community. Volunteer for Hope Corps.