By Rachel Hood, Financial Wellbeing Coach

Why risk my credit score with a credit card? This was a question that Latoya Saunders asked herself often. Latoya had always been hesitant to establish her credit. Over the years, she watched family members get into financial trouble with credit cards and didn’t understand how credit worked. Consequently, she never established her credit or experienced the advantages of having a good credit score. Latoya is happily employed by Broome Street Academy, a Manhattan-based charter school that focuses on promoting the positive development of at-risk teens. As an employee of one of Operation HOPE’s partner organizations, Latoya witnessed how HOPE’s credit coaching sessions provided financial opportunities to the staff and parents of youth enrolled in their program.

One day, something amazing happened. Latoya made a decision to take control of her finances and enroll in credit coaching sessions at her local HOPE Inside office. After the coaching and credit assistance, she finally feels prepared to become a homeowner and plans to utilize HOPE Inside New York‘s partner, Popular Community Bank, to do it! Watch Latoya Saunders story below.