At this year’s SXSW Live. editor of Fast Company magazine Bob Safian spoke with Princess Reema Bint Bander Al-Saud about her “Mission to Empower Saudi Women.” The two discussed Princess Reema’s advocacy for women in the workforce and her efforts to set up an academy for workplace training for women and girls.

During the interview, the Princess launched her new breast cancer awareness campaign for Saudi women, 10KSA. The campaign aims to combat the social stigmas that prevent the proper education and treatment of breast cancer in the region.

Click to watch the interview here. To read more about 10KSA, see the article in Fast Company magazine.

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Since 2012, Operation HOPE and Saudi-based company SEDCO Holdings partnered to develop both a youth and an university financial curriculum called “Riyali” that educates students across the Kingdom. The name Riyali comes from he word Riyal, the currency in Saudi Arabia, meaning “my money.”

The program will educate 50,000 Saudi children and young adults over the next five years by teaching financial literacy and personal finance skills. Free interactive workshops taught by SEDCO employees provide lessons on savings, budgeting, investing and borrowing.