Why A Living Wage Actually Grows Our Economy

In my new book I say something bold. “I will overturn many mistaken and long held false beliefs about our economy, who benefits, and even who is driving our economy and her economic...

Operation HOPE Oakland brings on HBIABA Fellow Rebecca Blanco

Considering my background in fashion public relations and marketing, my move into a HOPE Business-In-A-Box Academy fellowship might seem a bit disjointed. However, it serves to bridge two of my greatest passions: business and community service.

Stories of HOPE – Aditya Tandon

By Jordan Hagedon, HOPE Corps Fellow Aditya Tandon was born in India in May 1982 into a family of doctors.  His father is an ENT (ear-nose-throat) surgeon, who still practices at the age of 71.  His mother...

Foreign Rights Sold to Publishers in Greece, Korea and Brazil

Based on the domestic success of John Hope Bryant's second bestseller, How the Poor Can Save Capitalism, the book is being translated into Greek, Korean, and Portuguese (Brazil). Negotiations are also underway for several other languages, reflecting a worldwide awakening to the importance of financial dignity and empowerment on all continents.

The Wilcox Family Foundation Funds HOPE Business In A Box Academy in Oakland

The Wilcox Family Foundation donated $10,000 to Operation HOPE to support youth entrepreneurship and financial literacy at a local Oakland school, Market Vice President Northwestern Region, Tyrone Cosey shared...

Operation HOPE’s Tyrone Cosey Featured on KBLX Public Affairs Host Nikki Thomas

 On Sunday, June 29th Tyrone Cosey, Operation HOPE Bay Area Market Leader appeared on KBLX Public Affairs talk show with radio host Nikki Thomas. For 30 minutes, Tyrone and Nikki engaged in a lively...

Bank of the West HOPE Inside Oakland Serves Over 100,000 People

Operation HOPE is proud to announce Bank of the West HOPE Inside Oakland has served more than 100,000 people in the Bay Area.  The Bank of the West HOPE Inside Oakland began in 2004 in partnership with...

Operation HOPE Founder John Hope Bryant to Appear at INDIVIZIBLE Speaker Series with Mayor Kevin Johnson

On August 18, John Hope Bryant will discuss his book How the Poor Can Save Capitalism at the INDIVIZIBLE Speaker Series with Mayor Kevin Johnson. They will speak about the problems and solutions on...

Why is it important for Hope employees to volunteer for programs?

Why is it important for HOPE employees to volunteer for programs? This is a question that every HOPE employee worldwide should ask himself or herself. Volunteering allows us to share our time with those who are financially less fortunate. Volunteering to teach or sitting in on a credit and budget, small business, home ownership and/or BOOF program helps us to become more effective as HOPE representatives in the workplace and in our personal lives.

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