By Damian Carson, Small Business Program Manager

Operation HOPE’s Small Business Empowerment Initiative program had the pleasure of partnering with the Minority Small Business Council of Tuscaloosa to offer a financial empowerment workshop, intended to equip business owners with technical assistance to sustain and grow their businesses. Small Business Program Manager, Damian Carson, discussed the importance of personal credit when trying to establish a line of business credit. Over 50 participants attended the workshop, several of which are currently enrolled into HOPE Inside Birmingham’s 12-week Entrepreneurial Training Program, and will graduate on July 21st.

HOPE Inside Birmingham hosts a series of workshops intended to provide entrepreneurs with the necessary training and resources to launch successful business ventures. Here’s what a special guest speaker from Country Financial had to say about Mr. Carson’s recent Entrepreneur Training Program.

guy“I am very thankful for the privilege Damian Carson provided me, allowing me to speak with the group of small business owners that are participating in his workshop. The group was very engaging and had a definitive sense of excitement for what they were working to accomplish and that was awesome to experience.

I met Damian a couple of months ago, and was immediately impressed with his program and the amount of hands on training and education that it provides small business owners. Furthermore, Damian’s expertise and passion for what he does takes his workshops to an even higher level. I am not aware of any other organizations or programs that provides so much personal and professional attention to each element and detail of starting and running a business. Hopefully, each person that attends takes full advantage of this amazing opportunity. I definitely enjoyed being just a small part of what Operation Hope and Damian are all about.”


If you would like more information about Operation HOPE’s Small Business Empowerment Initiative, please contact your nearest HOPE Inside office. For inquiries in Alabama, contact Damian J. Carson at 205-516-0912 or