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Limitless grip on the world’s challenges

BASTAD With John Hope Bryant on one side and Fredrik Reinfeldt on his second, where Bosse Nilsson very pleased with the outcome of Boundless Meetings.
– We have set a new standard in Scandinavia for how to meet across borders so that it can lead to action, he said at the press conference afterwards.

In the morning, had Barack Obama’s adviser, John Hope Bryant (who also presented as a philanthropist and super entrepreneur), and former Swedish Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, speaking to nearly 300 people at Sand in Bastad, about how they see the world opportunities to create sustainable tomorrow .
In the audience sat both entrepreneurs and students. The youngest was 11 and the oldest 76.
– It was absolutely amazing. There was everything from absolute world leaders to ordinary entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. We bring together those who decide with those who perform, says Nilsson.
And that, says Bosse Nilsson, making Boundless Meetings unique.
– This morning John Hope Bryant and spoke on the phone with Chelsea Clinton, and a few minutes later, he stood and talked with entrepreneurs Laholm.
Presidential Adviser agreed with the originator of the Boundless meetings are an important meeting place.
– I feel more hope today than yesterday.
He believes that the protest movements is over as the driving force for development. Now we need cooperation.
– This is not just another meeting. And there are no other forums of this kind in this part of the world.

The biggest challenge he sees for the world’s sustainable development is economic.
– People need jobs, so they can manage their finances and can feel hope.
He and Reinfeldt also touched on the importance of good leadership and none of them agreed with a questioner at the press conference, which meant that many world leaders today are crazy.
the problem is that they are crazy loud. while many of the good leaders are still the same, said Hope Bryant, who said that Donald Trump is a brilliant marketer, but regretted that the property is not always combined with a good mindset.
– I believe that Barack Obama is one of the world’s top minds, but he is calm and make no big fuss.
Reinfeldt testified about the challenges quiet leadership brings.
– we know that we can not solve all problems. Therefore, we take down our commitments to a pragmatic level. And then we are criticized for not being clear.

Now Bosse Nilsson and others responsible to collect impressions from this year’s meeting. He is proud that the court sent the Princess Sofia as official representative, and believe it confirms the event’s seriousness.
After this year’s fine starting field he is aiming even higher next year, and would consider himself Barack Obama will as speaker then.
– I see it as a realistic dream. But it is not important to gather the world’s presidents. The key is to get the right decision with the right values.
Each meeting should keep the next time is not yet decided. It is not certain that it will be in Bastad.
– We are limitless and will not get stuck in old structures.

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