I  joined the team at Operation HOPE for three main reasons. First, I believe deeply that economic justice will help us create a better society, and Operation HOPE does the important work of helping to correct economic injustice. Second, a colleague and friend completed a fellowship with the organization last year and spoke highly of the experience. Third, I am excited by the opportunity to learn from Chairman John Hope Bryant.

I hope to leave this fellowship with a better understanding of Operation HOPE and the impact it has on the clients it serves. What is working well? What can be improved? I see this as an opportunity to learn about a truly unique organization doing important and interesting work.

My goals as a fellow are to support Youth Empowerment Programs to the best of my ability and to ensure that our service reaches as many students as possible. I also hope to get to know my coworkers and build relationships that will last beyond this fellowship year.

My long-term goal is to have a career that has a significant positive impact on society. I envision accomplishing this through work in the nonprofit sector, in policy, and in education. I believe that this fellowship will be an important launch point to achieving these goals.