The opportunity to work with Operation HOPE as a Communications Fellow is a welcomed opportunity for me. I believe that as a HOPE Fellow, I will be able to contribute to the forward progress of The “Silver Rights” Movement.

In this 21st century landscape, money is a key contributor to health, education, quality of life and well being. It is vitally important that this century, this time, this day be met with vigor and courage that matches the economic change that is of global proportions.

Operation HOPE provides me the opportunity to be amongst those working to help others and change the financial direction of a multitude of people. Economics and financial literacy are two of the most important facets of daily life in a capitalist society. To not know how to open a bank account, establish credit and save for the present and future puts a tremendous burden on those already struggling in daily life.

I welcome the charge of being able to help give financial dignity and respect to those working to achieve these qualities in their lives. I am proud to stand on the shoulders of giants, to pick up the mantle and further light and pave the roads of justice and empowerment that they built with their prayers, hard work, sweat, nerves, courage and for some of them – paid for with their very lives.

I believe in the mission and actions of Operation HOPE and I believe that my time spent working with Operation HOPE is my Silver Rights addendum to the Civil Rights Movement.