Jason Yancey serves as the Director of Consumer Financial Protection and the Deputy Director for HOPE Coalition of America. He will begin his 7th year with HOPE this June!

Jason is a Maryland native and attended The University of Maryland College Park where he majored in psychology and sociology. After graduation he began his career in counseling and social services. After several years in this field he moved on and began working in the finance and lending sector. It was during this time that he noticed the communities he was serving were constantly being victimized with high interest rates and unfair lending practices. He began counseling patrons and educating them in financial awareness.

Operation HOPE turned out to be the perfect fit for Jason! Here, he was able to use his experience in counseling and financial literacy towards a mission that aligned with his values.

At HOPE, a large amount of Jason’s focus is on the HOPE Coalition of America (HCA) programs. For those who aren’t familiar, HCA is the only financial emergency preparedness and recovery service in the country. It can be described as the Red Cross of financial recovery after a disaster.

Often the conversations he has with those affected by natural disasters or unforeseen circumstances are difficult but ultimately rewarding because he knows the work he is doing is directly assisting those in need of our services. It is said that 80-83% of people who are affected by a disaster never recover. With stats like it’s no wonder why Jason and his staff 13 and group of 450 volunteers have their hands full.

When asked what set HCA apart from other services he said, “No one does what we do or has the experience that we do.” One of his best memories with HOPE is helping people and showing how Operation HOPE changes the lives of individuals and families. He stated, “These are people who lost everything and we help them recover, we literally give them hope.

Jason’s hope for the future is that the programs of Operation HOPE receive the national visibility, proper funding and recognition they deserve. We are grateful to have Jason as a part of our team and can’t wait to see what he has planned for the future.