By Porsha Porter, Home Ownership Counselor

I am extremely proud of my recent client, Ms. Tangela Cartwright.  We see a variety of clients, all at different stages in the home-buying process.  Some clients need significantly more time and resources than others to achieve their financial goals.  This is a reality that HOPE Financial Coaches mitigate on a daily basis. In my counseling experience, I’ve learned that while a client’s progression towards their goals is affected by the magnitude of credit and income obstacles they face, it is equally affected by their attitude, and approach towards their goal of home ownership.

Tangela has attempted to start the home-buying process several times in the past, but has never moved as far as she has in her short time with Operation HOPE.  She has paid off hundreds of dollars of debt, and has implemented a savings plan that will help her make her desired mortgage payments, and have funds ready for the purchase.  These payments have also instilled the discipline of saving, which is crucial to a homeowner.  She is a perfect example of how attitude and focus can drastically change a situation!

Operation HOPE is committed to helping people in low-wealth neighborhoods become homeowners and community stakeholders. Learn more about Operation HOPE’s Home Buyers Program.