By Christine Estrada, HOPE Inside Administrative Intern

Small business owners are the backbone of the economy. As such, Operation HOPE utilizes investments from organizations, like U.S. Economic Development Administration, to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with Entrepreneur Training Programs at various HOPE Inside offices all over the country. These 12-week training courses equip small business owners with financial training and resources necessary to make their business goals a reality.

HOPE Inside Northridge had the pleasure of welcoming guest speaker Chris Marocchi, Field Operations Manager for California Manufacturing Technology Consulting (CMTC), a non-profit that provides sales, consulting, and management for small to mid-size manufacturing companies in Southern California. Mr. Marocchi gave an informative presentation on supply and distribution. He offered the class valuable resources on how to procure suppliers; including what to look for in a supplier, and how to be competitive. He shared his personal experiences with the class, offering tips and advice for their businesses.

Following Mr. Marocchi’s presentation, the entrepreneurs were inspired and ready to present their business pitches! Summer Funes found intrinsic value in Mr. Marocchi’s presentation, describing the class as “Super informative as always. I love when they provide presentation slides!” As a part of their final project, each entrepreneur had five minutes to present their mission, vision, core values and business plan. They were all confident, enthusiastic, and passionate about their businesses. Concluding the course, Mr. Marocchi received a Certificate of Recognition from Los Angeles City Council member Mitchell Englander, and a Certificate of Acknowledgement from Operation HOPE.


We’re thrilled to see these entrepreneurs achieve such progress and growth as small business owners. We look forward to helping even more entrepreneurs make their dreams come true!