By Ana Rojas, Financial Wellbeing Coach

Operation HOPE is pleased to work with the Summer Youth Program to teach students how to effectively manage their personal finances! The City of Miami has added a new twist to the program, recruiting students from Miami High, Booker T. Washington, Edison, and Jackson High Schools.

HOPE Inside Miami Financial Wellbeing Coach Ana Rojas, had the opportunity to educate students in the program, encouraging them to create actionable items to achieve their goals. Grace Marro was particularly inspired by Ms. Rojas’ lessons, using the skills she learned to pursue her post Untitled design (174)high school dreams. Here’s what she had to say about participating in the program:

“My name is Grace Marro, I am 18 years old and I became a part of the financial empowerment program last year. Last year, with the help of the financial coaches, I had over $400 in my savings account to use for my senior year in high school. I decided to come back because being a part of the program helped me make smarter decisions about how I spent my money. This year, I have the honor of working along side the financial empowerment program, giving me a better look at how important it is to set a budget and know exactly how much money you will be spending. Starting in August, I will be attending Florida International University pursuing a career in International Relations.”

Miami’s Summer Youth Employment and Financial Empowerment Program teaches 150 students about financial responsibility, urging the students to set goals and plan for their futures. The city’s Special Projects Administrator William Porro explained, “The whole focus is to teach them money skills, so we want them to get on direct deposit, things that you and I take for granted, how to go to a bank account, budgeting, how to use a checking account, how to withdraw the money they need on a weekly basis.” The city is planning to expand the program for next year by involving the private sector.

To take advantage of Operation HOPE’s Youth and Adult Empowerment Programs, contact your nearest HOPE Inside office.