By Milagros Agosto, Financial Wellbeing Coach

When it comes to work, life and family, newer generations differ from prior generations in numerous ways. For example, millennials are tech-savvy, multi-taskers and laser-focused on workplace advancement. While millennials tend to leave the nest later, they are more likely to accumulate large amounts of student debt. In contrast, Generation x-ers are fiercely independent, adaptable and loyal to their employers. Baby boomers are known for being hardworking, and are motivated by position, perks and prestige in the workplace.

Despite generational differences, Financial Wellbeing Coach, Milagros Agosto, believes everyone’s aspirations are fundamentally, the same. That’s why Coach Agosto shared the success of a dedicated group of women enrolled in her 700 Credit Score Community program at HOPE Inside SunTrust Bank in Tampa. These amazing women followed the program to completion, achieving credit scores of 700 and above! Operation HOPE is proving everyday that individuals, from any generation, can reach their financial dreams.

Untitled design (38)1.) Candice Morrison (generation X) is an accounts payable specialist and a single mother of 2. She started the program in March of 2016. Her initial credit score was 573. After 2 months in the program, she achieved a credit score of 730 points.

2.) Ursula Bellamy (millennial) is a single mother of a 3-year old, and works as a CNA. She started the program in December of 2015 with a credit score of 602. In 8 months, she boosted her credit score to 702, and has initiated the home-buying process.

3.) Ruth Maxan (baby boomer) is a retired nurse who wanted to establish her credit. She began the program in November of 2015 with a credit score of 581. In 7 months, she achieved her goal by reaching a credit score of 721.

4.) Rosandra Gonzalez (millennial) is a college graduate who is currently renting an apartment. After starting the program in June of 2016, her credit score increased from 645 to 716. She plans to purchase a home for the very first time.

“I am truly honored to have helped these women on their journey to financial empowerment.”

– Milagros Agosto

To enroll in a 700 Credit Score Community program, contact your local HOPE Inside office.