imageby Lauren Stewart, Social Media Fellow, Atlanta

As a fellow, I experience the overwhelming support that comes with those at HOPE believing in your potential, first hand. What is even more fulfilling, is knowing the power that can come from opportunities Operation HOPE provides, and paying it forward on virtual social media platforms.

I have been adopted into the HOPE family as a Social Media Fellow. My job is to make sure that our followers understand Operation HOPE’s message, purpose and are kept up to date with what occurs in our centers. With our digital outreach, we engage even greater audiences in our mission and encourage them to see all that they have to gain from our services.

I have been part of the team implementing HOPE’s global social media marketing strategy. I am thankful for the opportunity to share and build upon its potential. We look forward to this strategy being an innovative way to increase our following, and spreading our message through digital platforms. With our global social media accounts booming, we are planting our first regional marketing seed in Atlanta. Being based there, it has been such a pleasure to work with the Atlanta office by promoting the events happening in the city, and “LIVE tweet” during monthly HOPE forums and the Global Financial Dignity Summit giving everyone the opportunity to join our conversation and feel included as we share knowledge from our inspirational guests, helping anyone to feel as if they are a part of our team.

During my first day at HOPE, I quickly learned that “team is theme”. It is a common phrase used by the Communications Team but the truth it holds goes beyond words. Support is provided without any questions asked. Our solid social media team started with my partner, Katelyn Norris, Senior Social Media fellow based at our headquarters in Los Angeles, along with the Operation HOPE Communications team. We are working with social media accounts created by those before us, and aim to build consistency as we learn to promote HOPE’s brand everywhere. Through time zone changes, and emails, we have been able to make progress as we sift through bumps, challenge new ideas and refine our goals. Together, we are planning our work and working our plan, and invite regional interns to join us as we spread Operation HOPE’s progress, worldwide.

Social Media is one way to give leverage to the voices of our striving participants at the HOPE centers. While working at Operation HOPE, I’ve found it is inevitable to gain a sense of empowerment especially in the face of new possibility. We look forward to one day expanding our content to sharing the stories of our HOPE center graduates via twitter and Facebook. They are changing their communities one idea at a time; by displaying their work, we contribute to their success in a new way and encourage them to reach their dreams. It’s an exciting time to be a part of HOPE’s digital marketing evolution, and with constant support we will keep in tune with how our teams continue to change lives around the world.

To observe our work and join the conversation, please follow us on Twitter: @OperationHOPE and our Atlanta office:@OpHOPE_ATL