By Aaron Baluyot


This past Tuesday was the kick-off event for Operation HOPE’s—HOPE Coalition of America’s, Disaster Financial Preparedness (DFR) program for the Oakland/Bay Area region.  While many agencies teach disaster preparedness in terms of storing food and water, the primary focus of the DFR program is to be financially prepared in case of a natural disaster.

It was a festive atmosphere that attracted many “regulars” of HOPE’s services including the Cyber Café along with some “first-timers” that included employees from the various businesses nearby.  Refreshments and snacks were provided for the occasion.  Also, one of our regulars, Estelle Bartholamew, had the winning raffle ticket to the prized “Grab’n Go” emergency preparedness kit.

In addition, the participants came out of the seminar with their Emergency Financial First Aid Kit (EFFAK) and the complimentary Personal Disaster Preparedness Guide to assist individuals in documenting all of their vital information in one place.  Pre-planning is the most important step in any natural disaster.  Now, with Operation HOPE’s—HCA, Disaster Financial Preparedness program, individuals are armed with the tools and the knowledge necessary in the unlikely case of an emergency.

To view the Emergency Financial First Aid Kit, click here.