What if we could reconnect the power of aspiration with the power of education in our children’s lives? What if students in grades 4-12 could start a business for $50 to $500? What if they could get courses in financial literacy and financial dignity linked with a primer course in entrepreneurship?

Operation HOPE, Inc. is deploying financial literacy education and entrepreneurship training to students within a growing partnership network of local schools. HOPE Business in a Box Academies (HBIABA), powered by the Gallup-HOPE Index, is a national initiative carried out by HOPE to harness the economic energy of youth and bring positive business role models into underserved communities. The goal of the initiative is to reconnect the power of education to the power of aspiration, spurring local job creation, spiking local GDP growth, and therein insuring the future prosperity of our students and our nation.

The Gallup-HOPE Index, a donation to America’s schools from Gallup and Operation HOPE, measures HOPE Business In A Box Academies from the point of when child signs up and continues to follow their ventures from the front-end, middle and the back-end. HOPE Business In A Box Academies will change everything.

To get involved with HOPE Business In A Box, contact Mary Kathryn (MK) Sagaria- Barritt: marykathryn.sagaria@operationhope.org or make a direct donation.