By Morgan Sinclar, Customer Service Administrator, HOPE Financial Dignity Center Atlanta

June is Hurricane Preparedness Month and the HOPE Financial Dignity Center Atlanta has celebrated the recent installment of the HOPE Forum Series. June’s chapter focuses on the economic consequences of natural disasters and being financially prepared in the event that they may occur. We featured FEMA Administrator W. Craig Fugate as he explained his duties in the country’s time of need. This series brought community leaders at the government, corporate, and emergency response levels, together with lectures and round table discussions. Recently, tornadoes wreaked havoc in Oklahoma, killing dozens and leaving a massive path of destruction.

HOPE Coalition America is dedicated to assisting those who have been affected by natural disasters. In connection with FEMA and other leading agencies, HOPE Coalition America seeks to educate the public and provide services that help individuals and families prepare for and respond to emergencies. 

Georgia and the Southeast are prone to experiencing almost every type of severe weather or natural disaster, and with hurricane season in effect, it is essential for the public to be educated about how to prepares themselves physically and financially in case of an emergency. Georgia had its own share of natural disasters in 2009.

There was severe flooding in 23 of Georgia’s counties as they were declared by FEMA as disaster areas. In 2008, an outbreak of tornadoes caused extensive damage and several injuries when it ripped through metro Atlanta and spread through the southeast.

A great way to be prepared in case of an emergency is by utilizing the Emergency Financial First Aid Kit (EFFAK). The EFFAK is a simple tool that helps families organize and reference all of their important legal, financial, and insurance records. Completing the EFFAK, keeping it updated, and storing it in a safe place can give you peace of mind that you will be protected when disaster strikes.