By Joncey Lee, Financial Wellbeing Coach

On August 25th, Azzie Lewis learned that she would no longer be employed by her employer of 20 years. Although this was an unexpected event, Ms. Lewis was determined to make the best of her situation. As a matter of fact, it inspired her to finally seek help from Operation HOPE. Ms. Lewis was referred to Operation HOPE by one of her friends, a few months prior. Although Ms. Lewis sought HOPE, she was far from hopeless. She viewed her situation as an opportunity to achieve her dream of starting a business.

Ms. Lewis took notice of her clients’ loyalty as they continued to request transportation service from her personally, Untitled design (61)regardless of her employment situation. She became even more motivated to get her finances back on track in order to effectively start her business. Ms. Lewis made arrangements to attend HOPE Inside SunTrust‘s Credit and Money Management Workshop that evening, intent on increasing her credit score. After the workshop, Ms. Lewis immediately scheduled one-on-one credit coaching sessions with HOPE Financial Wellbeing Coach, Joncey Lee.

While enrolled in one-on-one credit coaching sessions, Ms. Lewis continued to service her clients with her personal vehicle. She wasted no time initiating the process to open her transportation business, which she proudly named Purple Transit. She’s currently mapping a path to her goals, while practicing her newly-learned financial habits for her business. “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” she says.

Since attending the Credit and Money Management Workshop and enrolling in a 700 Credit Score Community, Ms. Lewis has made significant progress with her business. She has registered her business with the state, printed marketing materials, and become certified in customer service for small business owners. In less than 30 days, this transportation company is “on the move.”


Azzie Lewis is a proud new member of the Silver Rights Movement. The Silver Rights Movement is a campaign, led by Operation HOPE, to financially empower people with tools and resources to improve their economic situations. Operation HOPE is proving, everyday, that anyone can transform their lives, regardless of their financial standing. To learn more about Operation HOPE’s programs, contact your local HOPE Inside office.