debra collinsby Sherry John, Vice President of Communications

HOPE’s own Debra Collins, executive assistant to Division President Lance Triggs, stepped into HOPE CEO John Hope Bryant’s shoes for a moment on Sunday July 14th, to talk about her recently published memoir, Crossing Over Boundaries to a packed audience at the Glendale Central Library.

“I thought of you when I was there! You have been such an inspiration to me. I felt like ‘John Bryant’ for a day and it was so awesome. So many people I knew came to support me from different times of my life.” Collins confided to Chairman Bryant, when trying to describe the experience of speaking and presenting to a crowded auditorium.

She also said that it was a learning experience. “I definitely learned things that didn’t work so well during my book reading, speaking and presenting that I will improve the next time an event such as this occurs. But, in general, I think it went very well.”

The information session was co-sponsored by Library, Arts & Culture, Friends of the Glendale Public Library and Ascencia, the nonprofit homeless services organization and shelter in Glendale. Collins read excerpts from her new book and shared how the support helped her maintain sobriety and break the cycle of homelessness.

Debra, a six-year staffer at HOPE, is motivated by helping people. She is a key member of the HOPE family, and by coordinating, tracking and scheduling Mr. Triggs she helps keep the corporate office and the HOPE Financial Dignity Centers running smoothly.

Crossing Over Boundaries is Collins personal account about her long journey through child abuse, self-destruction, recovery and self-discovery. Collins hopes that by sharing her story, it may help to keep another child from suffering the same horror, or stop someone from making another child a victim of molestation.

For more about Debra Collins’ story, check out the article here from the Glendale News Press.