imgresby Morgan Sinclair, Customer Service Administrator, HOPE Financial Dignity Center Atlanta

Computers play a vital role in today’s society. The computer is used in various aspects in education, personal life and at work. HOPE intern Nika recently held our Computer Basics workshop in the Atlanta Cyber Café. 

The workshop was taught by Operation HOPE intern Nika, who is a graduate student studying Higher Education Administration and Social Policy. This workshop covers the basics of operating a computer, the various parts to the computer and an introduction to the software associated with a computer. NIka worked with members individually, which allowed for visual demonstration and practice.

During the course, Cyber Café members were intrigued with the knowledge they were acquiring and they decided to sign up for additional workshops to further advance their knowledge in computer literacy. They are excited to attend our Introduction to the Internet workshop and our Typing class.

The Cyber Café within the Atlanta HOPE Financial Dignity Center encourages its members to partake in courses that advance their knowledge in computer literacy.