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Stories of HOPE – Joshua Harrison

Joshua Harrison was born and raised in San Jose, California. He left California for college and went to The School of Business and Industry at Florida A & M University. Once finished there, Joshua began in the financial services industry. He worked with Wells Fargo, Bank of America and Jackson Hewitt. He also started a music studio in Florida with several of his friends. In 2011, he sold his interest in the music studio and went back home to California. Upon his return, Joshua began building a business in Alameda County, where he now teaches families how to become properly protected, debt free and financially independent.

Stories of HOPE – Francis Lau

Francis Lau comes from a country where the literacy rate is low and the people relatively poor. “I was lucky enough to have higher education with help from various sources to complete my Bachelor and Master degrees in America,” he states, “I definitely can see the difference being educated.” With this background, and after having spent over thirty years in the banking industry, with a current position as Vice President and Area Manager for First Bank, Francis feels a desire to invest in the community. “I learned, I gained and benefited a lot from the community and it is time to give back,” he says. Coupled with his passion, First Bank is a great match for Francis. “First Bank is very conscientious in encouraging and supporting its employees helping out in the community and with my self intents,” he explains.

Stories of HOPE – Scott Pickett

Scott Pickett has a long history in the business and finance world. He studied finance and real estate at the Wharton School of Business and played for the University of Pennsylvania football team. After graduation, he worked for Thomas Properties Group and for a publicly traded Real Estate Investment Company. After many hours of hard work and long hours, Scott currently serves as the Vice President of Transactions for Post Investment Group, which is a real estate investment company that oversees approximately 11, 000 units nationwide.

Stories of HOPE – Molly Fedorchak

Molly Fedorchak began her career in the banking industry nearly 40 years ago. She currently serves as Vice President and Senior Community Relations Manager for Union Bank in Sonoma, Northern California, a branch where she was also part of the team to open it in 2010 and served as branch manager for two years. She enjoys her time with Union Bank, especially as Union Bank is dedicated to giving back to the communities where they do business. “Each year, Union Bank donates two percent of its net profits back into the community through local nonprofits and community organizations,” Molly points out, “In my role as senior community relations manager, I work with the bank’s community partners to help build strong, healthy, and vibrant communities.”

Stories of HOPE – David Kim

David Kim started working in the financial industry in college as a part-time teller at Union Bank. He never envisioned himself having a long-time career with the bank. However, after graduating from UC Irvine, David was nominated by his supervisor to participate in the bank’s management training program. During the orientation meeting, David had the opportunity to meet and network with Union Bank senior executives and was astounded to learn that many of them had been with company for up to 40 years. It was at that moment that he decided to begin his career at Union Bank. Currently, David is Vice President and Branch Manager for Union Bank in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

Stories of HOPE – Thad Bagnato

Thad Bagnato is originally from Lewis Run, a small town made up of mainly first and second generation Italian immigrants in Pennsylvania. He grew up next door to his grandparents, who both emigrated from Southern Italy. During his years in a Catholic high school, Thad had a nun take special interest in his education. This nun pushed him into taking forensic (speech) classes, which, at the time, seemed to have little relevance to his life.

Stories of HOPE – Clio Castruccio

Clio Custruccio, originally from Chile, spent her childhood in Mexico. Clio then moved to Colorado about six years ago, where she studied at CU Boulder and graduated recently with an architecture degree. During her time in Colorado, Clio worked for several start-up companies. Based on this experience, she decided that she wanted to pursue the business route and start her own industrial design business. In addition to this pursuit, Clio is also applying to MBA programs around the country in hopes of learning more about the business world and utilizing the skills she gained as an undergraduate.

Stories of HOPE: Chris Hainey

Chris Hainey’s career in banking began over 25 years ago in Chicago as a residential mortgage loan processer for a small community bank. He eventually advanced into commercial banking, due in large part to a series of promotions coupled with his acquiring an MBA in finance from DePaul University. As a result of his commitment to furthering his education and position, Chris now works as a business loan officer with Talmer Bank and Trust in Chicago.

Stories of HOPE: Robin Haynes

A Baltimore, Maryland native, Robin Haynes understands the growing needs for basic financial literacy to be taught in a way that can be understood by everyone. As a result of her Bachelors of Science degree in Accounting from Morgan State University, and having worked in the financial industry for over a decade, Robin has a passion for helping others succeed financially not only by teaching the basics of finance, but also by making sure that there is a thorough understanding of financial concepts and how they are applied to daily life. With this passion in mind, Robin’s first published project, entitled “The Fundamentals of Finances – Applied to Everyday Living,” was designed to help readers navigate the complicated, and sometimes frightening, world of finances. Currently, she is preparing to obtain her Certified Financial Planning Certificate.

Stories of HOPE: Dorothy Watson

Dorothy Watson truly believes in the service of others through time, talent and resources. As a child, she learned first-hand, through the example of her parents, to invest in her community. “I grew up understanding that it was always a worthwhile endeavor to help people in need however and whenever possible…For me, it is quite natural to volunteer my time and resources with local organizations and through my church,” she says. And, as mother to five children and grandmother to two grandchildren, Dorothy also understands how to invest in her own personal community.

Stories of HOPE: Candise Scow

Candise Scow never gave banking much thought when she was younger. CandiseScow“I actually wanted to become a Chef,” Candise states. However, her future had other plans. It all began at a small bagel shop where she worked. The branch manager of a local bank would come in about three times a week and order the exact same thing every time. Candise took notice of this and, upon seeing the manager pull up, she would have the order ready and waiting.

HOPE Intern, Hakeem Clark, Honored by 100 Black Men of Dekalb

By Tara Dennis, Portfolio Manager for Youth Empowerment Initiatives – Atlanta Market Banking on Our Future (BOOF) and HOPE Business In A Box (HBIAB)     Saturday, Feb. 22, Hakeem Tireh Clark was honored for his leadership as a community servant and his significant contributions in advancing and empowering causes associated with youth and community. The prestigious, Future Community Leaders Award, was...

Stories of HOPE: Esperanza Navarro

Hello Operation HOPE, Esperanza HOPEIt is never easy to write about yourself to a total stranger, especially at a personal level. I decided to write this response in more of a letter-form to personalize it a little more and to make it easier for me to tell you a bit about my story. I was born and raised in Los Angeles County. I am the eldest daughter of two immigrant parents who came to the US looking for a better life and opportunity. I grew up going to public school, to be exact; in the LAUSD system, which, is the second largest district system in the nation and has around 900 schools including 187 public charter schools. With around 640,000 students, the district serves a wide variety of students from many different backgrounds and social statuses.

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