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Stories of HOPE: Anis Salah

Anis Salah grew up in American Canyon, CA in a single parent home with four siblings. After high school, he attended St. Mary’s College, where he majored in Finance. Anis enjoyed his college years tremendously and graduated Cum Laude. After college, he joined the finance industry, where he has remained to this day. His current position at First Republic Bank is one of dedication and growth. He started out as a temp for a specific project and, after performing his job well, was hired when a new team was created in Quality Assurance.

Yemage Medical Center: A Place for Hope

By Neia Omer As a young child, I was always encouraged to challenge myself academically, to be wise in affairs regarding financial literacy, and to be kind and welcoming to others. To this day, I continue to use these principles with the work I am doing, the work I want to do, and the greater vision. With immigrant parents from the developing nation of Ethiopia, access to education and the myriad of opportunities...

Stories of HOPE: Cynthia Adamson

Cynthia Adamson wanted to be a teacher. However, after receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a minor in elementary education and a teaching license from Metro State, Cynthia was unsure of where her passions lay and what she wanted to teach. So, she took a job as a teller at US Bank to buy herself some time to figure out what she wanted to do. Despite her early reservations, banking proved itself to be much more enjoyable than Cynthia had previously thought. Ten years later, Cynthia is still banking and loving it.

Stories of HOPE: Brian Scrip

Brian Scrip is not a superstar. At least, not according to him. “I am just a person who is lucky enough to be able to teach financial literacy to kids and help Operation HOPE,” he says. It’s a win-win scenario for Brian.

Stories of HOPE: Volunteer Tod Vedock

Tod Vedock grew up in a poor to middle class family with divorced parents in Kansas. As a child, Tod was an average student at best, and was not very interested in school. Based on this, his high school counselor told him that college probably was not his best option. However, Tod decided to ignore his counselor’s advice and apply to the University of Kansas. He was accepted and, at the end of his four-year college career, Tod graduated with a degree in Business Communications. Looking back now on this time in school, Tod realizes that he had ADHD and was unable to focus his attention on schooling at that time.

Doing Good is Good for You

Finding ways for people to feel better, improve their moods and reduce stress has become a billion dollar industry. You can buy medicine, sign up for yoga classes or enlist a stress coach. I have a much easier and cost effective idea. VOLUNTEER!

The Value of Volunteering Keeps Going Up

Earlier this year I posted a blog on the value of volunteering. Of course, there are many benefits to volunteering. First and foremost it provides the satisfaction of offering a helping hand, but it also builds skillsets, builds a network of likeminded individuals and, for companies, can increase the financial impact they provide to their community- and this financial impact just recently increased.

Why Volunteer with Operation HOPE?

Financial literacy and empowerment is my passion, but that has not always been the case. In fact, prior to working for Operation HOPE I was living in Africa working with cheetahs. I didn't fall in love with financial literacy because I love interest rates or dividends. I fell in love with financial literacy because it is the pathway to people's dreams. Without a solid understanding of how to manage one's finances the likelihood that they will achieve their goals and aspirations is low.

Volunteering Works for HOPE

There are many different reasons why people volunteer. First and foremost, volunteering provides the satisfaction of offering a helping hand, but there are many other benefits of volunteering.

Join Operation HOPE and the Presidential Inaugural Committee for National Day of Service Weekend Celebrations on the National Mall

On Saturday, January 19, 2013 Operation HOPE along with the Presidential Inaugural Committee and the U.S. Corporation for National and Community Service will be observing the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. National Day of Service. HOPE Volunteers from across the country will descend on the nation’s capital to share information on how to help strengthen communities and create and sustain opportunities for all Americans.

Banking on Our Future, DC Finishes 2012 Stronger Than Ever

Banking on Our Future Washington DC (BOOF DC) is proud to announce that 4400 students in the Washington Metropolitan area have received financial literacy education in 2012. Schools located in Washington DC, Prince George’s County, Montgomery County, Alexandra City, Arlington County and Fairfax County were all touch by this enrichment program. Students across the area have participated in Financial Literacy Days...

FINRA Kansas City Educates Over 100 Students at Turner Elementary School

12 team members from the Kansas City Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) office participated in Banking on Our Future (BOOF) and gave back to their local community this holiday season. This effort was part of a larger Operation HOPE and FINRA partnership, whereby each FINRA team member across the country is encouraged to participate in a day of service with Banking On Our Future. For those in...

Banking on Our Future Denver Reaches the 20,000 Students Educated Milestone

 The end of 2012 for Banking on Our Future (BOOF), Denver marks 6 years of the BOOF Program in Denver and an even lager milestone of the program, educating 20,000 students in the metro area! This number has been made possible by our fabulous partnerships with nearly 175 schools and community based organizations who saw the need for financial literacy among their students and sought out the BOOF program to fill...

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