By Esther Fife, Financial Wellbeing Coach

HOPE Inside Suntrust Bank in Tampa, Florida’s Credit and Money Management Workshop, in partnership with Salvation Army, was not your typical financial empowerment workshop. What made this session unique was the group’s collective eagerness to take control of their financial lives. Both male and female participants explored Untitled design (50)various money management techniques, while networking and connecting over the free luncheon. It became apparent that many of the participants shared similar financial woes. The group shared their curiosities, financial hardships and fears about the credit and money management program, asking numerous questions along the way. As the instruction began, attendees who were initially distraught and doubtful about their financial situations became hopeful. For them, this class was the first step to rebuilding their financial lives, and building a brighter future.

HOPE Financial Wellbeing Coach, Esther Fife, took it one step further by returning to Salvation Army to conduct one-on-one credit coaching sessions for the attendees. This gave individuals, who did not have access to transportation, an opportunity to take advantage of resources offered by HOPE Inside locations.Untitled design (49)

Two workshop attendees in particular, Mr. and Mrs. Mejias, were thrilled to begin their journey to financial freedom. They were so inspired that they arrived one hour before their scheduled financial counseling appointment. Mr. and Mrs. Mejias are United States veterans and temporary residents at the Salvation Army. They left feeling hopeful, excited and encouraged about their futures! The couple enrolled in HOPE Inside Tampa’s 700 Credit Score Community, with classes beginning on September 17th at North Tampa Library.