Oakland HOPE Center Teaches Emergency Financial First Aid Kit Workshop to Members of The United Black Student Unions of California

Saturday, November 17, 2012, the United Black Student Unions of California (UBSUC), Northern Region, held its annual Professional Leadership & Election conference with the theme of ‘Loving, Empowering, Restoring and Advancing People’, at California State University San Francisco. Over 250 high school attendees from central and Northern California regions, as far as Modesto to Sacramento.     It...

HOPE Oakland Attends Mills College Internship and Fellowship Fair

Wednesday, November 14, 2012 on the campus of Mills College in Oakland, California, the Rothwell Student Union flooded with students between 12:00-2:00 pm seeking opportunities to become interns and volunteers with a local organization in the Bay Area.  Operation HOPE Financial Dignity Center in Oakland was one of several companies to participate in the Fellowship and Internship Fair put on by Mills College Career...

Emergency Preparedness and Business Planning in Oakland

Thursday evening on October 11th, Global Dignity month was celebrated with the delivery of the Emergency Financial Preparedness presentation to a group of seventeen aspiring entrepreneurs at the Women’s Initiative in downtown Oakland. The presentation was well received by group of participants who are enrolled in a twelve-week small business training program. Many questions were addressed during the presentation;...

Protecting the Vulnerable with Preparation: Oakland HOPE Center Conducts Pilot Emergency Preparedness Workshop

When discussing financial dignity, the daily issues come to mind. We think about empowering people to run their own businesses, managing their daily finances, keeping a budget, and saving for the future. It's easy to forget the role of financial dignity during the exceptional times - during emergencies and crises. At the HOPE Global Summit, we will bring together global leaders to discuss how we can protect the most vulnerable by creating solutions framed to suit the underserved and the middle class alike.

How Will You Prepare For The Next Battle of the Bay?

No one knows just how things will turn out when a storm is heading your way. A storm can be any crises that hits. What do you pack before a storm? What are the basics things you should stock before an emergency? Operation HOPE conducts an Emergency Financial Preparedness (EFAK) seminar that emphasizes the importance on how financial preparedness is as critical as fully charged batteries.

Stories of HOPE: Oakland Small Biz Graduate Creates Community Book Center

Taggart, a graduate and alumni of Operation HOPE’s 2011 small business empowerment program launched his business in August 2012 called Do 4 Self, a bookstore and community gathering center in East Oakland. Taggart is an Oakland native and activist who recently lost his job as a former city employee who worked as a re-entry program coordinator under the former Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums. Taggart worked several years...

Bay Area Fall 2012 Entrepreneur Workshop

While the Space Shuttle Endeavour few over Northern California skies, a new group of Entrepreneur Training Cohorts geared up for ‘mission Micro-Launch’, the fall session of the twelve-week business start-up series at the Oakland HOPE’s Financial Dignity Center that is being sponsored courtesy of US Bank. Eighteen individuals were welcomed into the class with a variety of new businesses expected to launch,...

Oakland HOPE Center Graduation – Teaching Entrepreneurship Through Inspiration

While books and classes can teach the fundamentals of business operations, a true entrepreneur learns most from the mentors and peers that make a unique footprint on his or her approach to successful business. We learn most from the business heroes in our surrounding communities – a fact which is fundamental in HOPE’s goal to transform inner city neighborhoods into emerging markets. During the August...

Entrepreneur Training Program Graduate to be Featured on HGTV

Good news comes when you least expect it! May 2012 Entrepreneur Graduate from the Oakland HOPE Center, Jeff Vasconcellos, owner of Habitat Gardens (a landscaping business that specializes in developing beautiful butterfly and hummingbird habitats) was at home suffering from a sprained ankle when he decided to catch up on email. As he was filtering thru his emails he discovered what appeared to be a very important...

Entrepreneur Peer Competition at Oakland HOPE Center

May 2, 2012 marked the final day of the Oakland HOPE Centers Entrepreneurship Program. Each cohort ends with the entrepreneurs participating in the highly anticipated, Peer Competitions. In the beginning of the winter class session, each individual was placed into one of five peer groups for support and communication during the 12-week session.

An Update from the Oakland HOPE Center’s Entrepreneurial Training Program

There are three weeks remaining for the Winter Class 2012 Entrepreneur Training Program participants to begin preparing for their final business presentation and graduation.

Oakland HOPE Center Attends California Endowment Conference to Help Build Healthy Communities

On February 28, 2012, The California Endowment sponsored an Advocating for Change training workshop to Operation HOPE and several local San Francisco Bay Area non-profit organizations that work with disadvantaged communities that can impact Policy Advocacy across several social platforms.

Bay Area Black Expo Highlights Operation HOPE as Oakland’s Non-Profit for Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship

The Bay Area Black Expo held a successful two-day event starting on July 21 at the Oakland Coliseum which featured over eighty local small businesses, vendors, non-profits and corporations with Operation HOPE featured as the primary non-profit organization providing workshops at the event.

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