God, Love And A 700 Credit Score

“Nothing will change your life more (in the modern world we live in today), other than maybe God or love, than moving your credit score 120 points!” Did you know that 40% of all employers require a credit check before they will hire you? Which means, no matter how smart or qualified you may be, or how brilliant your now college educated child may be, if your or their credit report stinks — you can...

The Middle East Secret Weapon: Women (Here Too)

  Women are actually a global secret weapon, and not just because without women, there would be less men. I genuinely believe that women —- empowered women in particular — can be a game changer for a generation in any nation. Given my work in the Middle East region, I am particularly interested in the future impact of women empowermentthere.  My friend Quincy Jonessays it takes 20 years to change a culture....

Street Entrepreneurs: Drug Dealers Are Stupid, But They’re Not Dumb.

I hate thug culture. But I think that ex-thugs might actually help save our inner-city communities in America. I am talking about the seemingly untapped brilliance of otherwise corrupt drug dealers and gang leaders in our American inner-cities. Rural communities too. At a recent Clinton Global Initiatives America meeting (CGI America), I spoke about my vision for the re-winning of America, and it centers around...

Where Jobs REALLY Come From. It’s Not Where You Think.

  I dig really deep into this in my new book, HOW THE POOR CAN SAVE CAPITALISM (June, 2014 release), but let me say it here quick, clean and crisp. On job creation, we’re looking for love in mostly all the wrong places. We talk about big business creating jobs, but this is not the 1970′s, when 70% of all employment came from big business.  We talk about innovation, but to quote my friend Jim...

LinkedIn Influencer: The Power Of Being A ‘Nobody’

Being born into this world a nobody just might be the best thing that ever happened to me.  The world undervalues the economic nobody, and grossly over-values the wealthy somebody. On this point the world is wrong. You have nothing to lose when you are a nobody. And because you realize that ‘you can’t fall from the floor,’ you’re not all stressed out about whether you are going to actually fail at...

Job-In-A-Box: When You Cannot Find A Job, Create One.

The world is changing. And we must change with it. Detailed in my new book, in 1974 approximately 70% of all jobs came from big business, and fully 4% of the American workforce worked at just one company: AT&T.  Today, 70% of all jobs come from small businesses with 500 employees or less. And half of all jobs in America come from small businesses with 100 employees or less.  The world of jobs has turned on...

LinkedIn Influencer: America’s Financial Literacy Pioneer: President Abraham Lincoln

Ending up right where we started. Financial literacy for all.  President Abraham Lincoln was a radical of even a different form than we think we know.  When we think of President Abraham Lincoln most people think of the Civil War, freeing the slaves, restoring the Union, and signing the Emancipation Proclamation. But this is only half of his amazing story. The other Lincoln was even more radical and...

LinkedIn Influencer: How to Leave Your Adversary With Their Dignity

  The first key to success is easy, and most of you are doing it already. It’s about working hard and never giving up, nor giving in. Persistence defines my very being.  This first success key is extraordinarily important if you are entering a new profession, starting a business, transitioning out of school and into life, or starting a new job. Few things are more valuable at Operation HOPE than employees...

HOPE Remembers the Life of Allen Yekikian

It is with great, great sadness, that we acknowledge the passing of a former HOPE Leader, Allen Yekikian, who helped pioneer the digital empowerment and social media agenda tied to our 'silver rights' movement work.

Don’t Fail Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs (John Hope Bryant and Jim Clifton)

The future success of America's economy relies on its young people -- but adults aren't giving them the chance to succeed.

Subcommittee Receives New Commitment for Local Financial Literacy Council

As a result of the leadership of Maryland State Comptroller Peter Franchot, I am pleased to announce that the City of Forests Heights, Maryland is the latest American city to sign on President Barack Obama's initiative to create Local Financial Literacy Councils.

Baltimore Sun Op-Ed: Unleashing Invention In Our Schools

Everyone knows that the United States is in a terrible business slump, and there's no shortage of opinions about it and solutions for it — but there hasn't been much in the way of notable improvement.

Founding Group of 20 Global Shapers, Atlanta Meet at City Hall to Frame Agenda

As the founding currator for the Atlanta Hub, I was proud and honored to join the first 20 members of the Global Shapers, Atlanta Hub tonight, for the first in a series of Action Meetings they will hold this year.

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