Spanish-speaking Clients Receive Welcome Guidance at Maywood Workshop

It’s already difficult to understand the bank vernacular surrounding mortgage payments and home loans. Imagine if your local bank operated in a foreign language. Now try understanding your options for home ownership. In Maywood, California, a heavily Hispanic community, many residents don’t speak enough English to take control of their finances in a world dominated by a foreign language. It’s...

Operation HOPE Teams Up to Teach Technology to Teens

Apps are arguably the most enticing technological development in recent years and continue to amaze people with their practicality and potential. The app market is growing and is only going to continue to do so with the advent of more advanced technological platforms. In response to this “app revolution”, Operation HOPE has collaborated with Peace over Violence and Tech2000 to create an App for educational and...

HOPE Fellow Reflects on Experience Teaching Banking on Our Future

Ann Li reflects on her experience teaching Banking on Our Future.

The Art and Adventure of Volunteering

Volunteering isn't just a rewarding way to serve the surrounding community -- it's also a crash course in personal development.

Computer Workshop Opens a World of Possibilities at LA HOPE Center

Among the many benefits of being born in the 90’s — gushing over boy bands, growing up with Harry Potter, watching Saved by the Bell — there is one advantage that many people my age take for granted: being raised with computer education.    I spend all day tapping away furiously on my laptop — first to do work at Operation HOPE, later to chat with friends, finally read the latest news on the...

Small School Welcomes Big Changes with Banking on Our Future Curriculum

Nestled in Woodstock, Cape Town, a small school of 8 teachers and 375 students welcomed some big changes with the introduction of Banking on Our Future into its curriculum.

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