by Rhonda Williams, HOPE Financial Dignity Center Atlanta


HOPE Financial Dignity Center Atlanta had the pleasure of facilitating a Banking On Our Future session for Kaleidoscope Kid’s Camp.  Kaleidoscope Kid’s Camp is noted as a premier Atlanta STEM summer camp where children can explore the diversity of learning, by providing a balance of educational and enrichment activities for youth.  As an intricate part of Kaleidoscope’s enrichment activities, Operation HOPE was asked to partner and provide financial dignity, education and empowerment.  A lively group of 3rd, 4th and 5th graders were introduced to the basics of banking, challenged to identify and prioritize needs vs. wants and intrigued with the concept of investing.  The group proved to be receptive and excited about the information presented.  Kaleidoscope’s staff was thoroughly impressed with the effectiveness of the Banking on Our Future (BOOF) curriculum and commended Operation HOPE’s effort in taking the lead to addressing the need for financial education.