It’s late December and the holiday spirit is in full swing. What’s that in the background that you hear ringing, could it be sleigh bells? Probably not, instead it’s the sound of cash registers sinking couples and families into big time debt! Don’t worry, there is no need for concern because we have great information and resources that will help your family out.

To make sure you don’t start 2012 on the wrong foot and in the red I pulled together some of my top financial friends to help you out. I asked them to share some of their favorite tips on saving big this holiday season and they didn’t disappoint. Check out these amazing tips below and make sure you check out their fantastic websites when you have a chance. Leave us a comment letting us know which was your favorite or it you have anything that should be added to the list.

Buy sporadically. Determine what the total estimated cost of the holidays will be and divide that number by however many paychecks you expect to receive by then. Take that specific amount from each paycheck from now until Christmas and try to take care of a little at a time. Don’t ever blow an entire paycheck on gifts! Remember, real life doesn’t stop just because the holidays come around.

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