By Jessica Washington

I am celebrating one of my young entrepreneurs today. Asia, owner of EZPartyPack, has been diligent in getting her business off the ground. She has spent countless hours in the cyber cafe, building her brand. She graduated from the “Eradicating Poverty Through S.T.E.M.” two-week program I created last month. The HOPE Biz In a Box,a condensed version of HBIABA, inspired her to build a business from her experience as a party planner assistant. Yesterday, Asia opened her business checking account with Wells Fargo. It was a great learning experience, and she couldn’t wait to share all the valuable tips she was given. Stay tuned for more details on this incredible young lady.

Hey Mrs. Jessica, I’m so excited that I finally got my checking account yesterday. The man from Wells Fargo taught me a lot about safe practices with my new bank account. I learned a few things like if you try to put a fake check in your account, your account and any other accounts connected with it will be shut down for seven years so make sure you DO NOT accept checks from STRANGERS. I also learned to NEVER use your debit card on Amazon; it is safer to use PayPal. I am going to be safe with this new debit card. -Asia