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Success for Boundless Meetings in Bastad

On August 4, 2016 is a day that will go down in history. In any case, the reaction among the more than 300 people (among them HRH Princess Sofia) who was on Boundless Möten packed half-day seminar in Bastad judging. Barack Obama’s advisor John Hope Bryant and Fredrik Reinfeldt was the keynote speaker on the theme “A Sustainable Tomorrow” and Katty Ahlström was the moderator.

From left: Bo Nilsson (Boundless Meetings), Daniel Madhani (Project Playground), HRH Princess Sofia, John Hope Bryant and Fredrik Reinfeldt.  Photo: Gränslösamöten.seFrom left: Bo Nilsson (Boundless Meetings), Daniel Madhani (Project Playground), HRH Princess Sofia, John Hope Bryant and Fredrik Reinfeldt.Photo: Gränslösamö

Boundless Möten initiator Bo Nilsson began by explaining the idea behind the event

– We want to set a new standard for meetings across borders. A meeting where we connect people who want something with people who can decide. People who normally not hit each other. Not necessarily people who think the same, but rather the opposite. I want us to all of us to get us tangible things here that we can do something about. And we will choose the paths we never in our wildest dreams could have imagined.

The first speaker took to the stage was Sweden’s former Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt. Reinfeldt painted to start with a fairly challenging picture of the outside world, given everything terrible is happening in the world and all the uncertainty that exists with regard to Brexit, situation in Turkey and the upcoming presidential election in the United States. After all, Fredrik Reinfeldt noted in conclusion that the international situation has never been so bright. A gigantic middle class is emerging in countries like India and China, which will have a positive impact on the world economy. At the same time he warned of what this may mean for our natural resources; Speaking of the theme of the day “A Sustainable Tomorrow”.

Visited Sweden for the first time

After a little break took the next giant spot on the podium. The entrepreneur, philanthropist and presidential adviser John Hope Bryant visited Sweden for the first time. He began by expressing his appreciation for having been invited to this forum, which he described as a large kitchen table conversation. The gist of Bryant’s speech was that 99.9% of all human DNA is exactly the same, but that, unfortunately, are the things that matter least we attach the greatest attention. He also pointed out that the two US cities that have the best economics – Los Angeles and New York – are also the cities with the largest share diverse population.

– In the United States we have many years of protest movements behind us, now there is a greater need for cooperation and dialogue than by protests. It is also very important to remember that all large companies today have once been small. To create favorable conditions for entrepreneurs is therefore a prerequisite for creating prosperity. Should we succeed in this, we will not make the world smaller, on the contrary, we think a boundless enlarge and see the differences as an asset. Not only from a humanitarian aspect, but also from an economic and commercial aspect.

That is why John accepted to participate in the Boundless Meetings. Sweden and the Nordic region is a good place to build bridges and bring about changes noted John Hope Bryant, who promised to come back the next Boundless Meetings.

The morning concluded with a discussion between Fredrik Reinfeldt and John Hope Bryant, led the day’s moderator Katty Ahlström.Then waited for lunch at Sand restaurant. A lunch full of conversation and creation of new relationships and opportunities. In line with the underlying philosophy behind Boundless Meetings.

The day ends with a charity dinner at Norrviken favor of Princess Sofia Foundation Project Playground.

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