Hometown: Decatur, Georgia

Personal mantra: In all things give thanks.

Biggest inspiration: My mother and women like her: a representation of resilience, grace, and power.


  1. How is HOPE Inside BB&T empowering the East Atlanta/Decatur community?

The partnership between Operation HOPE and BB&T Bank is empowering East Atlanta/Decatur through the provision of financial literacy, business development support and access to resources. We work together to ensure prospective clients are not only aware of the resources we have available to support their aspirations but encourage them to build and develop positive relationships with financial institutions. We work with local community organizations, schools, and libraries to connect, share, and grow the mission.

  1. What did you learn about money and finances growing up?

Fortunately for me, at a young age my mother included me in all of our financial decisions. When there were days when there wasn’t enough money, I always understood why. It prepared me to be very conscientious in my financial planning habits. However, I didn’t learn much about investments, I feel that would have been truly beneficial.

  1. What are the top mistakes small business entrepreneurs make when getting started? 
  1. No strategic plan. Most entrepreneurs feel as though if they have a passion and maybe even a bit of capital they can just start their journey. While they can launch successfully, the pitfalls they will experience without a plan can decrease their opportunities for growth.
  2. Not doing enough research. Without asking and answering the critical questions: Is the market ready for this product or service? Do they really need it? What am I doing to differentiate my offering from others in the space? How much capital is truly needed to support this venture?
  1. In your role, how do you help clients overcome common business challenges?

I work with clients one-on-one to strategically guide them through their business process. We identify pain points that may be a hindrance to their business and devise plans to help them resolve those challenges. I also provide them with viable references to help them in areas that may require additional expertise. Those who are eager to learn more enroll in our Entrepreneur Training Program, which many of my clients refer to as the “mini MBA” course.

  1. What do you want the world to know about Operation HOPE?

Operation HOPE is changing the way communities develop. What once seemed to be a barrier is now an open flood gate of information, resources, and support to empower and uplift those who desire to change their lives.