HOPE Fellows Program Continues to Carry Torch with Help from New Sponsors

Los Angeles Fellows Meet Lionel Savage

Did you know that Operation HOPE relied significantly on the work of ten young college graduates (or near graduates) this summer? Predominately based in Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and Atlanta, these young fellows worked diligently to drive economic empowerment initiatives on a global scale. With the sponsorship of Lionel Savage, an executive from First American and HOPE Board Member, HOPE Fellows made a lasting impact on the organization this summer, proving the power of youth in driving social change.

With the Summer Fellows making such a memorable impact on the organization, Operation HOPE will continue supporting the work of HOPE Fellowships through the generous funding from UPS, Ed Ingle, and George Haligowski. Fellow “champions for silver rights” that will or have received support include:

Daniel Felix, HOPE Accounting Fellow (Los Angeles): Daniel is involved in allocating incoming cash, grants, and donations, and also conducts daily bank reconciliations, matches statements, and records expenses.

Lucas Turner-Owens, UPS Fellow with the U.S. President’s Advisory Council on Financial Capabilities: Lucas works with the government relations and public policy portfolio at Operation Hope to assist in the creation of policy and partnerships that will seek to enfranchise low-income and low-wealth communities and remove these barriers to access.

Taylor Stanley, Global and City Initiatives Fellow co-sponsored by Stephen Ryan: HOPE Global and City Initiatives Fellow co-sponsored by Stephen Ryan (Atlanta). Taylor conducts research, drafts letters and program proposals. She provides extra support to the HOPE Business in a Box and the Global Shapers initiative, administratively and in terms of program development.

Gabrielle Arrington, UPS Development Associate Fellow: Gabrielle is involved with portfolio and development research and strategy for global Operation HOPE markets, in addition to strategic marketing planning and helping to create co-convening partnerships for the Global Financial Dignity Summit in Atlanta.

Carlos Prado, Ed Ingle Intern: Carlos has worked within 6 different areas: administration, accounting, information technology, communications, Banking on our Future (BOOF), and human resources. He was responsible for projects such as creating a database with the list of all recreation centers providing BOOF classes, updating contacts on Digital HOPE, and assisting with daily operations.

Oliver d’Abo-Horwitz, George Haligowski HOPE President Intern: Oliver worked with Peace Over Violence during a one week “IHOPE” workshop to help college and high school students create apps centered around healthy relationships, assisted with promoting700 Credit Score Communities at the Los Angeles HOPE Financial Dignity Center, and helped with marketing by writing and editing blogs on the HOPE website.

Chris Huff, HOPE Business-in-a-Box Fellow: As the first Operation HOPE fellow, Chris assisted with program development for the HOPE Business-in-a-Box program.

Daniel Felix, HOPE Accounting Fellow: Daniel is involved in allocating incoming cash, grants, and donations, and also conducts daily bank reconciliations, matches statements, and records expenses.

Brian LeTourneau, HOPE IT Department Fellow: Brian is involved with many different projects, such as upgrading Operation HOPE’s national IT infrastructure, creating a technology inventory database, designing and developing mobile applications, and configuring and deploying technology solutions for special HOPE events

First American Summer Fellows provided contributions in the following areas:

Washington D.C. Fellows:

Katherine Trujillo, Global Initiatives Fellow: Developing an understanding of the link between economic systems and cultural and social traditions through many government meetings and lectures, Trujillo helped shape character development for the Banking on our Future curriculums in Saudi Arabia and Mexico and focused on initiatives like the Forum of Global Shapers to engage young leaders in solving the world’s pressing socio-economic problems.

Alaina Reaves and Christian Robinson, Legislative Aide Summer Fellows: Alaina and Christian managed congressional and federal relations in order to identify partnership opportunities for Operation HOPE and expand avenues for financial literacy and dignity.

More East Coast Fellows:

Saige Martin, Deputy Director of HOPE Corps programming: Martin focused on creating new initiatives and policies in order to build an international corps of volunteers and revitalize processes for volunteer recruitment and training.

Bryan Bonseok Koo, Global HOPE-Index Fellow in the Office of Innovation, Research and Assessment (OIRA): Bryan Koo analyzed the trend of entrepreneurship education programming, designing the evaluation framework for entrepreneurship education programming and devising a plan for future focus group interviews.

Tammer Weems, HOPE Business-in-a-Box Fellow: worked on creating and operationalizing the HOPE- Business- in- a- Box Initiative in Atlanta, while organizing and managing initial dry-run business presentations to identify restructuring needs and ensure the vitality and longevity of the program.  Courtney Reed assisted with shaping the College Edition of the Banking on Our Future program as a summer fellow.

Los Angeles Fellows:

Sherry Tao, HOPE Forums Summer Fellow: Tao organized and conducted research for the upcoming Global Financial Dignity Summit, while also contacting Chase clients regarding foreclosure issues. 

Mira Weller, Web and Social Media Fellow: Weller worked to advocate a vision for bringing the Banking on Our Future curriculum and adult curriculum online, while planning several social media campaigns for HOPE Corps and City Pages and a Global Financial Dignity Summit. She worked with Li to maintain the HOPE Blog throughout the summer.

Ann Li, Global Field Operations Summer Fellow: Li shaped operating and programming guidelines for all HOPE Financial Dignity Centers, in addition to teaching and organizing curriculums for Cyber Café computer workshops. Li worked with Weller to maintain the HOPE blog throughout the summer.

Whitney Robinson, 700 Credit Score Communities Initiative Fellow: Robinson operationalized the 700 Credit Score Communities Initiative by formulating materials for marketing the program and working with staff to shape policies and procedures and the selection and application process. Whitney is preparing to help launch and expand the initiative for colleges and universities students.

Through the philanthropic support of Operation HOPE partners, fellows and interns will advance a legacy of empowering underserved communities and reducing poverty in the United States and abroad through their service. 

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