Banking on Our Future Reaches Brandvlei Correctional Centre

Brandvlei Correctional Centre (formerly Brandvlei Prison) is a prison situated on the bank of the Brandvlei Dam near Worcester,Western Cape, South Africa. It contains a maximum-security unit, a medium-security unit, and a juvenile unit.

Brandvlei Correctional Centre is the first prison to implement the BOOF programme in the Western Cape Province.

On an earlier visit on 15 March 2012, OHI programme manager had a chance to interact with the inmates. He was also interviewed by the local radio presenter on duty for the day. The inmates run the radio station. They had time to discuss the BOOF programme on air.

Ms Pieterse, Hope Core Volunteer and educator based at the Correctional Services, successfully completed the BOOF Programming with 20 inmates.  Certificates of Completion were handed to her on the 21 September 2012. Unfortunately, no photographs were allowed, and she will inform Operation HOPE WC office when the awards will occur.

Mr Fourie, another Hope Core Volunteer, has started BOOF programming with his class during the month of September. He is currently programming with six inmates. The class consisted of fifteen when he started, but nine inmates were released before having a chance to complete the BOOF programme. This time inmates signed indemnity forms and a few photos were allowed. See photo’s attached.

The School Manager, Mrs Yolande Frayser-Hugo, motivates her staff, and actively encourages the BOOF programme which she often observes.

Mr. Denovan Phillips, Head of Education at Brandvlei, was very instrumental in marketing the BOOF programme at a Provincial level. His testimonies of the BOOF programme ensured that educators and other correctional officials signed up as HCVs and received volunteer training. They represented nine correctional facilities within the Western Cape Province. Thus far four institutions have implemented the BOOF programme at their facility in 2012.

Mrs. Helene Pekeur, Head of Social Services at Brandvlei, has arranged for her team of social workers to be trained as HCVs. They work both inside the prison and with the surrounding communities. She will inform us with a date for this training. OHI look forward to having them join the HOPE family.




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