Operation HOPE is Featured Financial Literacy NGO on Charitysub.org – Donate $5 Today!


Doing good isn’t always as easy as it should be – with so many charities for so many causes, it’s hard to know which organization will use your money in the best way possible. 

This month, Operation HOPE is being featured on Charitysub.org, a new online resource for monthly giving. The concept is fun and easy – every month a new cause is featured by presenting three of its best advocates. Members choose one of three organizations to donate their monthly $5 dues.  

It’s no surprise that Operation HOPE is being featured as its premier financial empowerment organization. With our programming reaching over 700 schools worldwide and a volunteer base of over 17,000, we represent the leading efforts to spread financial literacy across the globe. 

Join Charitysub.org today to contribute your $5 to Operation HOPE – not only will you help out hundreds of thousands of young students ready to receive our BOOF curriculum, but you’ll also join a clear and thorough resource for your monthly charitable contributions. 

We hope to see your gift today!

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