Operation HOPE Teams Up to Teach Technology to Teens

Apps are arguably the most enticing technological development in recent years and continue to amaze people with their practicality and potential. The app market is growing and is only going to continue to do so with the advent of more advanced technological platforms. In response to this “app revolution”, Operation HOPE has collaborated with Peace over Violence and Tech2000 to create an App for educational and empowerment purposes. During a one-week “iHOPE” workshop, college and high school students built their own app around the notion of healthy relationships to provide resources against bullying, domestic violence, and child/self-abuse.

Supported by the California Endowment, this iHOPE workshop aimed to interest these students in technology and entrepreneurship, all while tackling an important sociological issue.  Over just four days, 6 students researched their chosen topics and learned how to use an app-building program called Learncast in order to build the app from the ground-up.  The finished app will be open for public use and disseminated through community groups and events. 

Operation HOPE is constantly striving to incorporate these technological advancements and it hopes to provide this digital empowerment to others as well. The recent iHOPE project was just the beginning.

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