HOPE Fellow Reflects on Experience Teaching Banking on Our Future

Over the past several weeks, I spent my Thursday afternoons teaching the Banking on Our Future curriculum to the students in Choice Group Inc.’s music program.  During these 40-minute sessions, we discussed the basics of banking, savings, checking and credit. We did art projects (pictured), read stories about budgeting to each other, and argued when someone read out of turn. 

Working with kids as young as six, I realized that to delay discussing financial literacy or the concept of dignity is a complete disservice to the younger generation, who deserve to be acknowledged as future leaders, consumers, and active citizens.  While they are still very young, their energy and curiosity brightened my Thursdays and gave me confidence that they would make wide decisions in the future.

 All good things do have to come to and end, so it was with a heavy heart that I conducted our final session last Thursday.  In response to my goodbye, an older student Ashley smiled and said, “No, see you later!”  Her kind words reminded me that while I myself may not come back, other Operation HOPE volunteers certainly would, continuing to empower children all over as part of the “silver rights” movement.

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