Erik Pelayo, a True HOPE Hero

It’s been a busy summer for HOPE Counselor Erik Pelayo, who’s been saving homes left and right for countless HOPE clients. We’ve received two new testimonials to add to the growing stack of compliments and thanks for the hero of homeownership.

Operation Hope,

This Letter is regarding your services to modify our home loan, after many banks were not willing to assist us. Erik Pelayo played a big role in assisting us and not giving up when we were ready to throw in the towel. It was a tedious process, but Erik kept pushing us and it was well worth it. Finally we can put money aside for a rainy day. We are so grateful to Operation Hope and especially Erik Pelayo.

God Bless,
Gil Aranda
Romana Aranda

We received a second letter of gratitude from clients Carlos Marin Jr. and Sr.:

Date: 7/27/12

After struggling for more than two years in trying to modify our home loan, we were finally able to achieve a permanent modification thanks to Operation Hope in Poway, CA. The care and attention that was provided to us went unrivaled compared to our previous attempts to resolve our situation. Specifically, our counselor, Erik Pelayo, was very attentive, knowledgeable and gave us all the information needed to help us in our case. Thanks to him and Operation Hope, we are able to keep our home.


Carlos Marin Jr. and Sr.

Thanks Erik for your outstanding work!

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