Change in the Piggy Bank Makes Change in the Community at ‘HOPE Atlanta Supports’ Event

Operation HOPE doesn’t just aim to educate its clients about finances – we strive to help build communities, creating a sense of connection and ownership from the ground up. With money management affecting everyone’s life, from children to seniors, the goal to spread financial literacy can bring neighbors together, bankers to small business owners, retirees to young students.

As a commitment to bring community members together in honor of this quarter’s “HOPE Atlanta Supports” event, Operation HOPE staff, led by Jeremiah Ojo, enjoyed a cross-generational event, visiting and painting piggy banks with the senior citizens of the Helene S. Mills Senior Multipurpose Facility in Atlanta’s Old Forth Ward.

Though the piggy banks were small, the event created an opportunity for Atlanta residents of the Forth Ward community to connect and engage with each other in the spirit of service, learning and giving. The piggy banks were later donated to students at John HOPE Hill Elementary School, making a community impact beyond barriers of age, location, or time.

This grassroots community event brought senior citizens together to help leave a legacy of mutual support and collaboration in the area. As Operation HOPE continues to arrange events aimed at creating a collective impact, we seek to create a greater sense of community while financially empowering both young and old alike.

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