Banking on Our Future Paves the Way to Financial Literacy for PAVE Academy Students

Just four years ago, PAVE Academy in Brooklyn, a charter elementary school, opened to enthusiasm from the community, parents, and students. Stressing four core values for the strong growth of its children,  Perseverance, Achievement, Vibrance and Excellence in character, PAVE is working hard to help its students become confident adults with a sense of connection to their community. 

Recently, Operation HOPE’s Banking on Our Future curriculum added a financial literacy component to a school that supports the personal development of students from an early age. The curriculum emphasizes that money management is fundamental to live a dignified life.  

Over two days, 4th grade students enthusiastically embraced the concepts of basic banking, budgeting, and money management.  Many even proclaimed their intent to open a bank account very soon.

“This program is excellent.  I want to make it part of our school as we expand,” stated Ms. Majorie Cass, a teacher at PAVE who recognized the role of money management education in creating a smarter and more self-sufficient future for her students. 

Perhaps Ms. Cass recognized the clear connection between the Banking on Our Future curriculum, which stresses the importance of knowledge and wisdom in managing goals and aspirations, and PAVE four core values. These traits all need to be exhibited in making wise financial decisions and maintaining dignity through life’s difficulties. 

While managing the development of children is a multi-faceted and complex task to undertake, Operation HOPE is helping schools like PAVE provide kids with the resources they need to make informed choices and turn aspirations into tangible futures. By introducing financial literacy into a program stressing well-rounded growth amongst its students, children are not only learning to be responsible adults in their attitudes, but also in their actions. 

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