Atlanta Hub Takes Shape

After a long delay, we are here, the Atlanta Global Shapers.  We are making our presence known after months of organizing and establishing ourselves through a common and shared consciousness and purpose.  We took the time to identify core values, a purpose and ultimately a vision of what this incredible group of young global leaders is going to accomplish.  We are excited with where we sit today and where we are poised to go forward in the future.

Our first objective was to define this group and our future endeavors by identifying the core values and purpose that defined us.  Before choosing a direction or new members, we wanted to establish a fundamental foundation that our organization would be centered around.  Our core values will help ground every decision that we make by shaping our actions and decisions.  Our purpose will rmaintain a laser-like focus for our growing group by rallying the many different functions of our Hub around one central idea, regardless of the decision.  Our core values and Purpose are as follows:


Core Values:

  1. Elevating tomorrow’s leaders
  2. Seeking knowledge to encourage innovative solutions
  3. Humbled through diversity
  4. Commitment driven by passion



Building leaders for Atlanta’s future with a global lens.



Following the creation of these key building blocks, we spent many meetings and discussions determining how we would carry these statements out.  Our vision for the organization outlines as follows:



We will organize as a “Think Tank” consulting group for non-profit organizations at no cost.  The Shapers bring a group of highly successful and forward-thinking, young Atlanta leaders to help an organization tackle a problem, innovatively evolve, build a new initiative, culturally adapt, etc.  We will accept engagements with organizations that aim to aid problems that are a concern locally, but that are likely global as well.  With each engagement, our Hub will gain crucial knowledge about an issue and the organization that seeks a solution.  With our growing knowledge, we will become a center for solutions and insight to hubs and communities world-wide. 

As a part of our complete engagement, we will prepare summarizing documents including white papers, presentations and solution summaries that will serve as a core reference item for other hubs and organizations that are seeking advice for similar issues.  We will address each organization and the issue they attempt to address through SWOT-like analyses and give our views on the best practices for “best of class” organizations of these types worldwide.

We believe that our value as a hub of multi-issue knowledge and wide-reaching experience will position us as an expert organization to be referenced by others around the world.


The Engagements

As a group of 40-50 leaders, we will be able to tackle multiple engagements at any given time.  We can split into teams of 8-10 on a given project.  The team will work with the organization and continue reporting progress back to the Shapers Hub at regular meetings.  

A crucial requirement of each engagement will be the significance of the project.  The Shapers must not take on projects that do not define us as real difference makers.  Our projects must be significant and make far-reaching impacts locally and teach us lessons that will aid concerns globally.

Engagements will not be based around providing a plan and then leaving the organization to implement.  A successful consulting effort will address the organization’s initiative and see the project through to completion, by identifying local organization’s champion and outlining the specific steps and timeline necessary to carry the effort through for the life of the organization.

Following engagements, summary documentation is prepared to serve as knowledge for future similar engagements internally and for other hubs and organizations to use for their issues externally.  Also, it may be Atlanta Hub’s future desire to hold an annual conference highlighting the organizations that we worked with and the social issues they target.  This will serve as an opportunity for the organizations to spread their message as well as us to expose like-minded, young leaders interested in their local community to areas that they can volunteer and contribute to. 

Engagements will be for organizational strategic assistance.  There will not be an expectation for the shapers to simply be used as volunteers for an effort. 


The Results

The desired results of an engagement would be as follows:

  • Successful accomplishment of said initiative with organization.  Leave the organization better positioned than before our work.
  • Our hub gaining knowledge in an additional area of local and global need
  • Public awareness of the organization, the issues they address and our initiative.
  • Through PR efforts during engagement
  • Through post engagement documentation (white papers, presentations, etc.)
  • Through annual symposiums that gathers social entrepreneurs and interested leaders

As we continue on our quest to become a contributing global group, we look forward to sharing via this blog and other avenues our many and frequent successes.


 -Mitch Reiner, Inaugural member of the Global Shapers, Atlanta Hub

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