The Art and Adventure of Volunteering

Last Tuesday, I sat at my desk and cheerfully drew up a giant check with a sharpie marker.  This check was the latest prop I used in teaching the Banking on Our Future curriculum to students in an after-school music program–a visual reminder of the need to keep track of our bank accounts.  It was also a welcome mini-art project that brought me back to my grade school days, when I still crafted my presentations out of colorful construction paper instead of Powerpoint templates.

I have many fond memories of learning important, basic lessons in school, like the multiplication tables and parts of a sentence.  Financial literacy, however, was something I luckily clobbered together through observing my parents’ own habits of carefully saving and scrutinizing bank statements.  It was a subject never mentioned in the classroom, yet hugely important to my time in school, from managing lunch money to handling student loans and covering rent.  This fundamental knowledge, if not taught at home, can easily unravel a person’s future, a thought that motivates me to volunteer for BOOF and support Operation HOPE.

To my surprise, I found that volunteering is not just a rewarding way to serve the surrounding community, but also a crash course in personal development. Each BOOF session involves preparing a lesson plan, throwing out said lesson plan once in the classroom, and trying to hold the attention of a giggling 3rd grader.   Each one is a true lesson in improvisation, child psychology, and phrasing everything as a question, as well as a reminder that I too am still learning.

I hope that you will join me in the art and adventure of volunteering, and create some of your own new memories of the classroom.

Visit our facebook page and you can start your own path by posting your picture to our Facebook wall. You could win a $100 gift card – the first reward in a journey that keeps giving back.

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