Partnership with West Philadelphia Skills Initiative Brings Low-Skilled Adults to High Demand Jobs

There’s no question that skills and knowledge are two major assets – and sources of disparity – amongst job seekers in underserved communities.

Operation HOPE partners with organizations like the West Philadelphia Skills Initiative so that financial literacy initiatives are paired with training programs to best prepare students for their professional lives.

Recently, we trained twenty-five students with WPSI’s Summer Jobs Program with the help of HOPE Corps volunteer Barbara Shea, who provided students with one-on-one guidance through the curriculum to optimize their learning experience.

What’s particularly exciting about this new group of HOPE graduates was WPSI’s contribution to their professional training. Students received professional work readiness training delivered by industry-recognized service providers. The organization provides ongoing mentoring and support as well as college and career access programming.

Combined with the knowledge gained from Operation HOPE’s training–from money management to investment and credit training–students are going to combine specialized skills with a savvy approach to money that will help them balance their checkbooks after graduation.   

Job seekers in West Philadelphia, a traditionally underserved community, no longer will fear competition as they embark on their journey to find a stable career path. Through this partnership, these students have become smarter and more skilled – making the in demand amongst employers and in control of their future. 

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