Operation HOPE Gives Students Another Chance

Lack of education is cyclical – students who lack the necessary academic support to get good grades are often times also unable to access the higher education facilities they need to get a good education.

Meanwhile, those who do move on to college are overwhelmed by the rigorous academic environment. Operation HOPE is partnering with Morgan State University to provide rejected applicants a second chance to find a support system and learn to direct their lives with dignity.

Morgan State University’s CASA (Center for Academic Success and Achievement) Academy is a summer program that trains high school students on key skills like English, mathematics, and reading comprehension. Every year Morgan State offers this chance of
a lifetime to students who were not originally admitted to the
university – if they do well in the classes, they are automatically admitted to the fall semester  at Morgan State.

Today, Operation HOPE is introducing a new element to the CASA curriculum – financial literacy. On July 19th, Operation HOPE brought the BOOF College Edition to this summer’s participants. Students won’t just learn the academic skills to get them through college, but also the money management and self-respect necessary to become well-rounded and successful adults.

With the help of BOOF, these students are learning to break the cycle and become empowered adults armed with the knowledge and skills to live lives full of wealth.

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