HOPE Fellowship – The Perfect Stepping Stone for a Soon-to-be Graduate

HOPE Fellow Sherry Tao shares her take on the HOPE Fellowship experience:

It’s been six weeks since the LA HOPE fellows stepped foot in the office.  There’s no question why the Operation HOPE HQ is where it is; residing at the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, it serves as a motivational environment for everyone here at Operation HOPE. As soon as you get off the freeway and enter the business district of downtown Los Angeles,  you are quickly emerged in a working environment with many people walking to work.

Being one of the youngest fellows that was granted the opportunity to immerse myself in a 10 week fellowship with Operation HOPE, it was a harsh adjustment in the beginning because of the full-time hours, but now, after completing the last few weeks at Operation HOPE, I am starting to get more used to work schedule.

Still battling my way through the end of the school year, the beginning of the fellowship underlined some of the definite challenges of a fellowship before the end of my years in college.  The balance of studying for finals and completing given assignments is an incredible challenge, not to mention adapting to my first full-time work schedule.

Yet as I found myself completing tasks with skill and attention, I enjoyed the rewarding feeling of my accomplishments. Despite clashing tasks, I was getting things done, and I was doing it well!  

The experience at Operation HOPE has served as the perfect stepping stone for me to work in the real world. Under the guidance and advice of Lance Trigg’s supervision (the CEO of the L.A. market), I am able to see a perfect example of a man who is passionate about promoting financial empowerment and works around the clock to “put out fires” and above all bring incredible results to the HOPE’s L.A. region.

My focus during the fellowship is HOPE Forums. Currently, the staff members and I have been working hard to plan the Global Financial Dignity Summit that will take place in Atlanta from November 14th to 15th. With less than four months until the Summit, it is crunch time to have everything planned out and get things going.

It has absolutely been a privilege to take part in such a timely process and see the logistics behind event planning. I will make sure that I will stay in involved even after the fellowship to be able to see the masterpiece. Operation HOPE has given me the wonderful privilege of participating in behind the scenes of planning an event from the beginning until the end.    

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